May 16, 2014

VikingCycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Recently I went on an All Chicks Ride with three of girlfriends, one of whom is Barb. The biggest topic of discussion was the beautiful VikingCycle Cruise Leather Motorcycle Jacket from Motorcycle House. As I had written previously. . .

Barb oogled and awed over the gorgeous leather jacket I had brought for Diane. I had received the jacket from Motorcycle House to review, but since I knew Diane was in the market for a great jacket, I brought it as a gift for her to wear, review, and keep. Diane loved her current jacket, but like any woman, she was in the market for something new.

Only a chick ride would start out with talk of picking up kids, bake sales and biker fashion.

When Diane arrived Barb and I began laughing at Diane's jacket.


It turns out that the jacket I ordered from Motorcycle House was identical to the jacket Diane already owned! So Barb was the big winner as I handed her the leather jacket to review. As Madhavi pulled in, our foursome was complete and we all hopped on and took off.

Diane explained later that day at lunch how much she loved her jacket and she's enjoyed putting plenty of miles on it.

"It always keeps me warm and dry, and the leather has only gotten softer over the miles. I think I've ridden about 20,000 miles in this jacket and it's held up great! I've worn it in rain, cold and even a little snow on our way to Reno for Street Vibrations Rally last year. I'm really happy with it, actually."

I haven't had a chance to see Barb since, but last night she messaged me via Facebook to share her leather-clad-joy with me.

"Hi Sash! Thank you again for the jacket!! It's so nice!! I really love the extra long sleeves and the sturdiness of the leather! Plus the way it's cut is so flattering! I'm so glad it hides the flaws at my midsection!! Looking forward to some more wind therapy in this beauty!!"

The VikingCycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for Women comes with attractive braiding, durable zippers, is fully lined with a removable liner and is made of premium top quality cowhide leather.

I'm looking forward to riding with the Barb and Diane, whom I'm now referring to as the Cycle Twins, soon.



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  1. The jacket is fully leather jacket because one I bought for me, but was not nice as compare to this jacket even I am looking some more wind therapy .upcoming motorcycle in india


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