May 9, 2014

Nearly Home

After spending the night in Surprise, AZ at the home of Paul the Arizona Harley Dude, I awoke to find myself nearly home. With one more day of riding, we should roll into San Diego this evening. But at this point, San Diego is just the place where I keep my things.

Home, I have found, is not what I thought it was. This three-week trip to Denver has shown me that. I feel best when I'm actually riding. I love the excitement of finding what's on the other side of the next ridge. I'm happiest rolling into a town I've never seen before.

What makes a place home?

Is it the place you find the most joy? Comfort? Peace?

Riding my motorcycle, sitting next to my husband, laughing with him in a bar, holding him on clean, white hotel sheets, sipping tea in a cafe, watching all the strangers go by. . . these are the places where I'm at peace. I feel free, joyful, excited, and alive.

How can I get this feeling everyday? What changes need be made to accommodate this sense of really living that I now crave?

I suppose we'll determine what those steps are when we get back to San Diego. I feel that we are so close to making our home on the road a reality.

Yes, I'm nearly home.


  1. Sash:

    Home is where your heart is. I like to travel and see the sights but I always look forward to returning to "home base"

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  2. It is good that you know what brings you peace and joy. I wondered if you would feel stagnant being in one place too long after having been on the road for six months.

    Will be fun to follow along and see what you and Hubby decide.


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