May 4, 2014

Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit Highlights

Attending the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit in Denver, CO from May 1 - 4 was an incredible event for female motorcycle riders, both new and experienced. With between 275 and 300 in attendance, the event was inspiring for the ladies, both passengers and riders. Many riders came from out of state, converging from Florida, California, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas and various other states. Women told the stories of their travels, shared laughs and hugs, and learned from the inspiring speakers. 

Bikes beginning to arrive on Friday
Old friends meet
Fast Andie Gaskins invited me to sit on her drag bike
Posing on the Red Carpet
Ladies line up their bikes for the Firefighter Bike Wash
Waiting in line in comfort
Masyn is a celebrated rider in Colorado
A shirtless firefighter gives Tatonka a scrub down
Sherri, former Physics teacher, gets a push, just to watch the firefighter's "low coefficient of giggledge"
Gathering of riders
Panel of Speakers L to R: Chelsey Hall of Modern Madame, Fast Andie Gaskins of Fast Andie Drag Racing, Sarah Shilke of Shuberth, Genevieve Schmitt of Women Riders Now, Jasmine Clark of Blue Creek Motorcycle Training, and Jessi Combs of All Girls Garage on the Velocity Channel
Laura Klock, who appeared in "Why We Ride" and land speed record holder,
shows me windshields from Klock Werks
Bikes lined up at Vendor Tent
Lisa Fedders Brouwer speaks on Full Throttle Living
Lining up for the Sunrise Ride
Riding to Red Rocks
Arriving at Red Rocks right at dawn
Hamming it up
Aloha seems happy to have recently relocated to Colorado from Hawaii
My roommate Holly was the best roomie ever!
Ellie rode from Chicago (with Michelle) attempting an Iron Butt Ride,
but got a room after 730 miles, arriving in Denver the next day
Lisa isn't just a great speaker, but a pretty good rider too
Ladies line up along the rail for a group photo
Riding back to Rocky Mountain Harley Davidson for a group photo
Lisa loves her Harley
Inspired to ride by these ladies
Some of us broke off in smaller groups for rides
Sarah with Shuuberth Helmets taught us about aerodynamics
Modern Madame is a Christian based women's motorcycle apparel company
Rebel Girl is in the house!
There were sport bikes too!
Deb rolled in from Wisconsin
Jodi and Holly were both volunteers for the Summit
Every morning the Sheraton provided an amazing breakfast
Laura enjoyed meeting all the riders
As did Lisa
Bikes getting packed up to head home
There's nothing more beautiful than a woman who rides
The rider on the VStrom cruised the parking lot looking for a friend
Riders grab a photo with Jessi Combs
The hardest part was saying goodbye to all the lovely women


  1. Looks like you had a really great time. Well worth riding through the snow........

    1. Hope you can come next year Brandy. That would be great!

  2. So many ladies ;-) I should have covered this event as a photographer. Great event.

    1. You really missed out George. ;) I was just in awe at the beautiful women riding those motorcycles.

  3. Tina, looks like you had a great time. I think it's great that you had women riders from all across the U.S. It's cool when like minded folks get together and enjoy each others company. I'm sure the event will only get bigger over the next few years.


    Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy

    1. Curt,
      Quite a few women were from Texas, including Linda Dalton. I hope she sees this comment. I referred many of them to your blog, but I'll post another link on the FB Group page for the Summit for those women to read. I'm sure they would like to read about some of your rides. :)

  4. I love seeing this sort of positive engagement in our joint passion by women. In Australia, sadly, there are few women who ride (although slowly Improving. Sad because I believe that more women riding would help break down the stereotypes and (hopefully) go some way towards changing aggressive driver attitudes towards all bikers, PLUS it's a great life enhancing experience!

  5. looks like it was a great time. Safe Travels Home.

  6. Nice to see you Happy Sash... May you have more and more trips like this :)


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