May 6, 2014

How To Live on the Road

I feel a deep need to determine how I can live on the road.

At the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit I attended a number of motivating workshops. In Lisa Fedders Brouwer's Full Throttle Living workshop "Love The Journey" I made a list of priorities in my life and evaluated each of them. I realized that I had forsaken my love of travel for my need of money. In the last year I went from being a motorcycle bohemian to a hard-working-networking-marketing-fool. I've been working to build my business in San Diego, the city I love. But I need to find out how I can live on the road.

This was the roaring, overwhelming signal that pounded in my head from my heart over the entire 4 day event. Somehow I've forsaken my identity again to meet other needs, and I can't live with this decision. It was our intent to stay in San Diego a short time and then move on again. We returned from our 6 month road trip in October 2013 and intended to be out on the road again by April 2014.

Then I got the call. My daughter and her new husband are expecting their first child. She needs me and I want to be there for her, and to meet my grandson. So my hubs Steve and I looked at each other and decided to get digs that were more permanent. Then I buried myself into working locally in an attempt to fortify our financial reserves. We have always worked from the road, but this was an opportunity to grow our business in a different direction. I intended to gain local clients and be able to still travel a little, now and then.

My niece Shelli manages our business office for us. She does the bookkeeping, gets our mail, keeps all of my finances in order and is the perfect assistant. She also rents the house I still own and takes care of our storage when we are gone. I'm deeply in love with Shelli's family, her husband David and her 4 kids are as precious to me as my own daughter's family. I love being so close to her and the kids, feeling that wonderful family feeling.

But I'm miserable and that's a reality I need to face.

I need to live on the road. At this point in my life I can't live a lie. The money will come, if I have faith. I'm not really driven by money, but just in my ability to continue living this life. I just need to make enough for that.

I met some incredibly inspiring women at the Summit, all of whom inspired me to live my authentic life. All of whom show me through their experiences that each moment meant to be lived fully and right now.

I may be waiting for my grandson, but I'm no longer putting my life on hold. I'm not painting myself into any more corners. I want to ride! Ride far and ride long. I want to travel and see America. I haven't seen enough, done enough, met enough people, been enough places. . .

Today I am working in a motel lobby, riding my motorcycle, taking photos and I don't even know where I'm sleeping tonight. Today, I'm heaven. This is the life I want.

Today I start working towards learning how to live on the road.


  1. Tina,
    Wow, that's quite a revelation. I wish you only the best as you work toward your is admirable. I sometimes wonder if I could do anything what I would want to do. Sometimes it's hard to figure that out. At least it has been for me.

    I believe in the Live Free, Ride Hard, Be Happy philosophy of life...but it can be difficult at times. Maybe it's human nature to always think the grass is greener on the other side of the road. I have to remind myself from time to time just how blessed I am and to be happy where I'm at now and not over analyze things.

    I admire people who really know what they want and aren't afraid of going for it. Wherever your destination lies I know you'll have fun getting there.


    Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy

  2. I give you credit for your choice in making the road home but I could never do that. Probably because I have moved so much and love to "nest". Hopefully we can meet up one day and you can spill the tales with me over some coffee :) Again, congrats on the grandchild. My gut tells me you will be staying with them more than you think Grandmommy ;)


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