Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hitting the Road in the New Pickle Rig

At the gas station in Vija, AZ. This place is quiet and desolate, but takes cash only and restroom reeks like a pit toilet. Thank goodness I have my own toilet everywhere I go!
The journey from San Diego, CA to Napannee, IN to pick up our new ATC Toy Hauler has been a whirlwind of chaos. Over the last 6 weeks we've struggled with one issue after the other.

Steve's pickup has had a couple of mechanical issues that have caused some setbacks. We've encountered some difficult weather, illness, exhaustion, and a couple of small repairs on the toy hauler. It seems with an endeavor such as this, things always cost more than one expects.

We've been struggling to keep our work caught up on our business, packing, unpacking, digging through our storage, unpacking, putting things in cabinets, buying furniture. . .

Our list of "RV Needs" never gets shorter. We no sooner buy one item then we realize we need something else. I've heard this is never-ending. For every item we've purchased we've donated, sold or thrown out 10 times more.

It's been a huge transition. But it's been well worth it.

This morning we are parked at Sweetwater Summit RV Campground, a park run by the County of San Diego. We are finishing up the last of our business in the area and then moving on. We finally have everything out of storage and in the RV, we have both motorcycles and all of the doctor appointments are completed. From here it looks like we'll be heading to Bakersfield to see our kids.

Take a look at the video below of our toy hauler on the day we took delivery. You can follow our daily journey on Road Pickle or you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and get more indepth adventuring on our YouTube Channel.

Travel Fun!

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

And We're Off!

Nearing Casa Grande, about 80 miles from Tucson.
We've finally hit the road! After what seemed like an eternity of purging and packing we now have all of our belongings sorted out, freeing us up to get mobile again.

My main concern was keeping the important items safe whilst Steve ditched everything else. The task of separating things for donation, for sale, trash, long term storage, RV use and temporary road use was arduous. This was my responsibility because had I left it for Steve everything would have gone down our apartment building's trash chute.

Our apartment, finally packed and ready to go.

Our focus is "smaller-living" but we both approach that differently. Steve wants to trash almost everything and only pick up what he needs along the way. And while that seems like a good idea, every now and then we realize we're missing something very, very important. This stresses me out terribly, so as a control freak I believe I can manage every item we have in our possession if I'm just given the time to sort through everything.

Some boxes, tubs, closets, drawers and cupboards took longer than others. They all took an emotional and physical toll on me. Thankfully, it's done now.

As we arrived in Tucson we climbed into bed and both slept about 18 hours the first day. Once refreshed we started getting out and about in the city, running errands and seeing friends.

We joined the ever elusive Ken at Barrio Brewing in the heart of Tucson's barrio. 

This was our first time meeting Ken face-to-face. (Yes, he dropped the menu for us, but he's camera shy.) We've been long time friends on a Google+ Community Motorcycle Riders. By far this has been my favorite online motorcycling community as we find so many like-minded riders there. Actually, we've met a few of the folks face-to-face since we started Road Pickling.

We met Wallace and Lynn at Nico's Taco joint in Marana, just north of Tucson. 

Wallace and Lynn are avid riders, owning 5 or 6 motorcycles between them. They also RV regularly so they were giving us some tips for our future vehicle. We shared lots of laughs and they have some great riding stories. Unfortunately, the night we met up with Wallace and Lynn I wasn't feeling well and I missed out on my favorite food, tacos.

By the time we got back to the hotel I was in terrible shape. I ended up in bed for a day and a half completely wiped out. I'm assuming it was the flu. Because I have Fibromyalgia I have a weakened immune system so I'm constantly getting sick. It really sucks. Luckily I wasn't out for long!

I joined Chris Black of The Adventures of Olive and Emilie at 5 Points Market and Restaurant in Downtown. We talked about kids, motorcycles, travel and RV's. Chris and I both seem to be in sync with our views on life and I value every minute I spend with her. She's been a good friend for a long time now. You'll see a little bit about Chris in the video below.

We leave tomorrow (Monday April 17) morning and have a few stops planned between here and Nappanee, IN. We're hoping for a couple of breweries, a good steak, and some roadside oddities along the way. If you don't want to miss a thing, join us by subscribing to our vlog on YouTube. I PROMISE you'll see some cool stuff!

My ebook, "Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy" is available for purchase here. Buy your copy now or if not for you, buy a copy for a friend for the holidays! The woman in your life will love you for it.


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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mimi and Moto - The Motorcycle Monkeys

Recently the authors of The Adventures of Mimi and Moto, The Motorcycle Monkeys sent a copy of their children's book to me as a gift for my grandson Jackson. I can't wait to share it with him!

This adorable children's story about motorcycling monkeys is going to be a great way for me to introduce motorcycles to Jackson. Jackson and my great-niece Sophia, who will be 3 and 4 years old in July, respectively, are both fascinated and frightened by motorcycles. They love to look at them but the loud noise of the engine is too much for them. Short of buying each of them small motorcycles to learn on, I couldn't figure out how to help them relate to my all-time greatest passion.

Sophia loves the Indian Roadmaster I bought for her a couple of years ago.

That is, until Mimi and Moto rode into my life.

This furry faced duo tell the story of two road hungry riders making their way through a variety of roads. Unlike most motorcyclists, Mimi and Moto seem to love almost every motorcycle style on the road. From baggers to UJMs, sport bikes to dirt bikes, and even a sidecar, these two have the garage I would love to have! This makes the story more universal and should certainly appeal to the children of most riders.

The illustrations by Estaban Alvarado are bold and vivid, clearly depicting the distinctly different bikes. The pages are thick for little hands to easily turn. As a parent and now grandparent, I remember how important that is for young readers.

Jackson is one of the happiest people I've ever met. I can't wait to get him riding!

I'll be visiting my great-niece Sophia on Friday, so this copy will go to her, after we read it together, of course. I'll be ordering a copy from Amazon to be shipped to Jackson's house in Bakersfield. We can read it together as soon as I arrive for a visit in May.

As a Mom Who Rides, I want to see my kids and grandkids find the love of riding. Perhaps this will be a good way to help make that happen.

My ebook, "Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy" is available for purchase here. Buy your copy now or if not for you, buy a copy for a friend for the holidays! The woman in your life will love you for it.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Road Pickle Again

We're getting back on the road.

The difficult decision was not whether to get back on the road or to stay in San Diego, but how to best execute the plan. We took in so many suggestions, rolled ideas around for months, and finally formulated a plan.

We've purchased a 28' toy hauler from ATC to tow with Steve's 1999 GMC Sierra and we're hitting the road. These are so popular that we had to order it and we're currently waiting the 7 weeks for delivery.

We'll be rolling our motorcycles in, of course. We selected solid black exterior.

The bedroom with substantial storage around and under the queen size bed. 

The bathroom has everything we need for full time living.

Along with more storage space. 

The kitchen is small but has all of the essentials. 

Steve and I have had no experience with RVing so this will be a learning experience for the both of us. Instead of vagabonding on motorcycles and staying in hotels, we'll be taking the bikes, our Beagle and our home with us.

The motorcycles are an integral part of the traveling equation though. We both know we enjoy time to ourselves, so we intend to take turns spending time at the RV with the dog while the other takes a long ride for a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks.

We move out of our San Diego apartment on April 7 and head to Tucson for two weeks to wait for the trailer to be completed. Once we are certain of the completion date we'll drive to Nappanee, IN to take delivery. From there we're going to Bolingbrook, IL to visit the nearest Ikea. We'll stay just a couple of nights to visit friends there as well. From there we drive directly back to CA to get our motorcycles and a few things to set up house. Then, we are on our way.

You're welcome to come along with us by subscribing to our new YouTube Channel, Road Pickle.

Stick around. This should be fun!

My ebook, "Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy" is available for purchase here. Buy your copy now or if not for you, buy a copy for a friend for the holidays! The woman in your life will love you for it.


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