Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Artistry Of Motorcycling

Drawing by Heather Ewy, owner of  The Charcoal Gallery. (Not the man I met in the park.)

I met an artist drawing with charcoals and pencils while I was in the park today.

"You must be very patient," I commented. "Your work is so intricate that I imagine it must take you a great deal of time."


The sharpness of his reply surprised me.

"It's actually quite the opposite. I am patient when I am not drawing and waiting until I can draw again. It's all I can think about. It is my passion."

A shared with him how often my mind is on motorcycling when I am not actually on the bike.

"I'm really passionate about traveling by motorcycle, not just being on a motorcycle. I have to be going somewhere to get excited."

I thought about motorcycling as it's own form of art. Each rider selects what motorcycle to ride, what style of riding to do, and the gear to wear, just as an artist may select canvas, charcoal and a subject.

As the artist of my ride, I decide all of the variables. I can choose if I travel long distances, ride alone or in groups, just ride twisties on the weekend or take a long cruise under the summer stars. The development of my gear, modifications to my motorcycle, the way I pack my bags, where I go to eat, the people I choose to ride with and the roads you choose to ride. The artistry of motorcycling has an infinite number of combinations to create a unique style for each rider.

As I watch the charcoal artist sketching a rubbing at each line and shadow, I think of each one of the drawings he creates as a new expression of his reality. I think of my motorcycle, my next road, and where it will lead me next.

"You're lucky, you know. We both are."

The sound of his voice jerked me back into the moment.

"Why do you say that?"

"Anyone without passion is dead. They are missing something that they don't even know they are missing. They will never know what it is like to truly love anything. You're lucky you have motorcycling. You're lucky you have passion."

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Product Review - Joe Rocket Women's Velocity Jacket

Recently I ordered the Joe Rocket Women's Velocity Jacket from Motorcycle House. Of course I selected the hot pink and black to suit my style! It's getting hot in So Cal and I needed a summer jacket to get through a ride. Many riders believe that simply riding without a jacket will keep them cooler, but that's not really the case. Bare arms expose one to the sun and that sun will not only burn the skin of the rider, it will also raise the body's core temperature, thus making one feel hotter.

A summer jacket not only protects me from the sun and the other weather elements, it protects me from the pavement. People don't like to think about bad things happening so many ignore the dangers. But once a good friend of mine really talked with me about the repercussions of a bad accident, I realized I wanted to protect myself more. So now I make it a point to wear gear when I ride.

The Joe Rocket Velocity comes with few features, but everything important to a rider. I actually like low-tech! The less you have, the less that can go wrong.

The jacket comes with 6 points of adjustability to help it fit snugly, which it does. I can get it snug at the hips, chest and wrists with still plenty of movement around the shoulders and waist. The 2 hand pockets, 1 inside pocket keep it simple, which I appreciate. I'm always losing things if I have too many pockets. The Cooling FreeAir™ mesh shell works great and is made of a pretty solid construction.

When I'm thinking about protection, Rock Tex™ reinforced at the shoulders, ribs, elbows and forearms is important to me. The removable, contoured elbow and shoulder armor and dual density back pad were a disappointment though and were thusly removed. Perhaps I'm an armor snob now, but these pads just don't seem to have much to them. I replaced them with a set of D3O impact protectors - shoulders, elbows, back, which feel far more substantial and have a much higher crash rating.

I'm taking a 8-day ride with 3 friends in August from San Diego to the Redwoods. The entire ride will be around 2,500 miles and we will hit a variety of weather. I wanted a removable full sleeve waterproof liner, which I got in the Joe Rocket Velocity, so I only need to take one jacket. The liner and my hoodie should be all I need with my jacket for all of the weather situations we encounter. Mostly I expect blistering heat, in which case I'll wear my wet vest under my jacket.

I ordered the Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Jacket for Steve for the summer as well. (No, that's not Steve in the photo.)

We created a video review of the jacket, which you'll see below. Unfortunately, in the video the jacket looks pink, but it is not. It's as red as the photo above. He really likes the jacket, although I don't think we do a good enough job in the video showing his enthusiasm. I guess you just have to know Steve to know THIS IS enthusiasm!

Help me out by adding a little fuel to my bank account. My ebook, "Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy" is available for purchase here. If not for you, buy a copy for a friend. The woman in your life will love you for it. Thanks!


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