May 11, 2014

Biker Chick Tip - Packaging Sucks

When traveling, I've found that packing is one of my greatest challenges. Getting all of the things we need for months at a time into small bags and onto our two motorcycles is difficult.

Tackling the issue by addressing only what we need is only half of the battle. We also need to determine how to best maximize the space we have for the items we must carry, which takes a bit of strategy.

I've found packaging is a great space waster that you can easily fix.


  1. I have to completely agree with you on the packaging. It takes up way too much room.

    We have found for clothes to use compression sacks or dry sacks. You'd be amazed how small you can compress your clothes. We pack two, one for dirty, one for clean. Luckily most motels have an ironing board to get the wrinkles out if necessary.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz!
      How do you compress the bags at the hotel/motel? We rarely iron our clothes. When we travel, we only carry clothes that we can unwrinkle in the dryer. But it's true; every motel we've ever been to has an ironing board.
      Another tip:
      If your gear and clothing get wet in the rain, turn that ironing board upside down in front of the air conditioner/heater and hang the clothes on the legs. Great drying rack!

  2. Tina:

    of course your packing for work and pleasure is different than if just packing for pleasure. I don't need work clothes if I am touring. I am cutting down on clothes all the time but it is different if you are away in different seasons, then you need clothes to match the weather.

    the dynamics change if you are also camping some of the time to cut down on expenses. I need to carry a tent and sleeping bag, along with a stove and fuel. I generally pack clothes last. All of my essentials and electronics get packed and the room left is for clothes. There is always Walmart if you need a T-shirt or other supplies

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Tina, thanks for the great tips. I've used baggies for a while...but I never thought about turning the ironing board upside down to use as a drying rack.


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