February 26, 2014

Motorcycle Burglarized

As I was walking past my Yamaha V*Star 650 in the carport at our new place, I hung my head in shame as I passed my neglected motorcycle. It was then that I saw that my saddlebags had been opened.

"Some fucking bastard has burglarized my MOTORCYCLE!!"

Nothing was missing from the bags that I could see because I had nothing of value in them. I'm smart enough to know that when one had bags that don't lock shut, one shouldn't leave valuable items in them. My motorcycle sits and waits for me patiently and now she has been violated. The idea that some thieving mother fucker has even touched my motorcycle infuriates me.

I had been considering trading her in on another motorcycle, but I've settled on keeping her. Since I've made that decision I've blessed her with her Indian Name. She is now Tatonka (buffalo); fierce, heavy, strong and longs to roam. I find it quite fitting. . .

Having the flu, moving into our condo, injuring my leg moving, unpacking, my daughter's visit; all of these things occurred in succession, so I've barely put 50 miles on my V*Star in 3 weeks. It seems criminal to not ride when the weather here is so nice! I had planned a solo trip from San Diego to Ojai, but I hurt my leg during the move and had to rest for a few days. I could barely walk on the morning I was to leave, so I chose to stay home and unpack the boxes and settle into the condo.

Then my daughter came to visit and since she's expecting her first child we drove my hub's truck for a few days. Although Olivia loves riding on the motorcycle, there's something about putting my pregnant girl on a bike that just doesn't sit right with me.

I was thrilled that we have been planning this upcoming trip with Trampy Joe and Diane for a ride up the coast. We planned on leaving this coming Friday for three days, but with the weather forecasting rainstorms for the whole weekend, we changed the destination to Prescott, AZ.

Biker-ChicksCautiously we monitored the upcoming forecast and last night, after my daughter headed home, we cancelled the motorcycle trip. Heavy rain for all of the areas we can travel is expected. We would have to leave a day early or two days later to make it out of range. The problem is Trampy and Diane have regular day jobs, so the weekend was our only choice. So that chance to ride has disappeared like the Cubs dreams of a World Series win.

Now I'm seriously behind on my work, broke as a joke, facing another few days with no riding opportunities and frustrated. On the brighter side I did have a phenomenal visit with my daughter and I got a glimpse of my new grandson, Jackson, in an ultrasound! Watching her board that train to leave broke my heart in a whole new way.

Change is on the horizon. We're settled into our new place and while it is comfortable, I miss riding my Tatonka. Settling in means less riding. Also, with Olivia expecting Jackson in June, I know I'll want to see her more. Having her leave only showed me how much I love her. I feel new feelings now that I don't quite understand, but like most people, change brings it's own set of fears. I don't quite know myself right now.

I'm sure a good long ride would set my heart at ease, clear my mind, and set me straight.

Patiently, my Tatonka waits.
My Grandson Jackson Sucking His Thumb During the Ultrasound


  1. You're actually one of the best moms I've known. I wish my mom and I could be as close.

    1. Thank you Sweetheart! :) That means so much coming from you.

  2. Bummer about the bike being violated. Good thing for them you didn't catch them in the act. People just have no respect for other peoples things anymore.

    Glad you had a great visit with your daughter. I can tell you are excited for Jackson to arrive.

    Weather has a way to hamper plans doesn't it. We were looking forward to a weekend ride but the forecast has changed and heavy rains are due. Sigh.

    1. Right Trobairitz? What's up with the weather dictating my plans to me? Ha ha ha!!

      You're so right. I would probably be in jail had I caught them touching my bike. . .

  3. Sash:

    Have you considered a motorcycle cover. When traveling I generally bring my small one along. It keeps prying eyes away and makes your bike, less of a temptation. Unfortunately we live in a world full of thieves or scammers

    There will be plenty of time to ride when you get better. what we wouldn't give to have your weather and be able to ride all year round

    it's also nice to have something good to look forward to ( and when he cries you can give him back . . .)

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. I've thought of a cover, but it's more work and another thing to own and our place is so small. If this continues, I'll give it another thought.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      I am looking forward to that baby!

  4. Recognizing the changes your experiences is the key to a positive outlook. You are a leaf on the river.

    I love the name Tatonka. What a bummer that an idiot violated Tatonka.

    So happy on the upcoming arrival of Jackson.

    1. Thanks Kim! One day, you'll be a Gma and the best EVER!!

      I'm being a leaf on the river. . . just wiggling a little I guess. Ha ha ha!!

  5. Sorry you're feeling violated and grounded. :( Love the new name!

    1. Thanks Betty!
      That's part of the experience right? Find the value in the darkness so I better appreciate the light.

  6. Sash, I am glad you kept your Star, I am sure you will both have many great trips! Love the name. It angers the crap out of me when people do things like that and creeps me out at the same time. That is the problem with onbike non-lockable soft storage.

    You need a motion activated alarm that you can record a message to the effect "YO MOFO GET THE FRACK AWAY FROM MY BIKE, BECAUSE I AM COMING DOWN THE STAIRS AND AM GOING TO WHIP YOUR ASS"

  7. OK, fine, I liked the post. But I couldn't get THIS out of my head!



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