February 7, 2014

Motorcycle Contest for a GoPro Hero3 plus Silver Edition

Friends and Followers ~ Could you please vote for my photo on the Helmet City contest they are having on Facebook? Please go to this link, click "View Entries" and search for my photo (the one you see here) and simply "Like" the photo. (It turns out I'm WAAAAY at the bottom of all the photos! So please, search to the very end!

You can vote once a day, and also encourage your friends to vote too. I'm hoping to win the contest and receive a GoPro to shoot motorcycle videos! Last year we attempted to shoot quite a few videos and they all came out blurry and jiggly because I didn't have a proper camera.

Thank you in advance for your votes and I more than anything, I appreciate you reading my site!



  1. I voted too, but maybe we should just buy you one.

  2. Tina, I almost fell over when I first read "licked", then I put on my glasses...very funny indeed. "kicked", not so much.

    Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy


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