December 9, 2014

I Got an Indian Scout

The 2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout really stole my heart when I rode it at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August. I was able to keep the bike for two days to ride it and write a review, but unfortunately those two days were rather rain filled, limiting the amount of riding I could do. Not just rain, but outright flooding in some places. I did manage some time with the Scout though and I was asked to write a review for Women Riders Now. This was an astounding opportunity granted to me by Genevieve Schmitt, publisher of the online magazine dedicated to women who ride and the men who ride with them.

I was also invited to attend the Scout Reveal Party, which took my breath away. The people in attendance were some heavy hitters of the moto-journalist industry. I had a conversation with Cyril Huze, got some advice from Peter Jones of Cycle World (he was so kind and helpful!) and spoke briefly with Roland Sands as well. When I saw Laura Klock I told her how overwhelmed I was and that she was the only person I knew there. She immediately took me by the arm and introduced me to some of these people who went out of their way to make me feel informed and included.

My love affair with the Scout continues as they have been kind enough to loan a Scout to Steve and me for a few weeks to ride, write about and enjoy. We have a few long rides planned and many short ones too. I'm going to as many bike nights and group rides as I can, not only to show off this innovative, beautiful and powerful machine, but to get feedback from others on their impressions of it.

Not only will I be riding the Scout, but Steve will be as well. This gives us an opportunity to provide more insight as to how the motorcycle performs for a rider with more experience, more technical knowledge and a more intellectual opinion than mine. I usually view things from an emotional standpoint, so Steve's pragmatic approach will help balance my unbridled enthusiasm.

The Indian Motorcycle dealerships have been offering Demo Days across the country for riders to test the 2015 lineup. December 13th and 14th San Diego Indian Motorcycle will have the demo truck at their dealership with the whole Indian 2015 line up. If you are in the area, come out and join me for some fun riding as well as free food, raffles, Toys for Tots, and a live band. I'm going to be there most of the day on Saturday talking with folks about my impressions of the Scout and meeting other riders.

Come on out and see me if you're local. If not, get your ass on an Indian! You'll be glad you did!



  1. Nice article Sash! I know just how much you love the Indian Scout!

  2. That is very cool that you get to do such an in-depth test of the Scout. Good also that you got to meet so many industry big-wigs. I have been working with Genevieve recently too.

  3. Awesome you two. I am looking forward to more pics and reviews.

  4. This is so very, very cool. I'll admit to being green with envy, but I hope you enjoy the hell out of that bike.

  5. Awesome! What a great choice! You well deserve a great bike.... and you look terrific on it. Have fun.

  6. Tina,

    Now that's pretty cool...and what a great opportunity. I think the Scout looks like a fun bike to ride. Can't wait to read what you guys think about it after riding it more. Have fun!

    btw, I got a chuckle out of your description of Genevieve Schmitt, "publisher of the online magazine dedicated to women who ride and the men who ride with them."



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