December 21, 2014

Indian Scout in San Diego

Riding Scout and trying to refrain from giggling!

The 2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout is a huge kick in the pants! I'm loving the ride, albeit temporary. Usually I would name a bike I ride, but I have refrained as this one will break my heart when I turn her back in. I may shed a few tears. . .

My Daddy really wanted a Scout. It was the only motorcycle he ever discussed with me before he died. It may have been his only regret. He never discussed anything else with me that he wished he could have done other than own an Indian Scout.

So tomorrow, I'm taking Scout to the cemetery to my father's graveside, just for a visit. I usually go visit him this time of year anyway, so I'm pleased to have this opportunity to take Scout along.

OK, so I named her Scout. It seems a little less personal than a real name. This is the "Factory Name" anyway.

Riding in San Diego is ideal for this motorcycle because of the way she handles the quick stops, the tight turns, the invasive traffic and the lightening fast freeways. Being such a quick bike, I can easily get away from the knucklehead cagers who are texting behind the wheel.


One of the perks of having Scout is the opportunity to go hang out at San Diego Indian Motorcycles and just chat with the staff. Since they are only a mile or so away, it's been a pleasure to visit them when I'm out and about. I've really connected with Geri Buan Hernandez of Marketing and Finance. We seem to have a great deal in common. The entire staff is always welcoming and friendly and I love just bursting in and starting a little trouble just to brighten my day.

Steve and I decided to start an Indian Scout website dedicated to this little beauty and my travels with her. Take a look and follow along during the two months we have with her as part of our lives as motorcycle bloggers.

And forgive me if I'm lackluster in posting on my blog for awhile. I'm a little busy riding Scout.


  1. Envy is so ugly!!! But here I am so full of it. 8<( Ever since I first saw this bike in the magazines, I've wanted to ride one. I've just increased my investments in the local lotteries, because winning one is about the only way I'll be able to afford to have my own Scout.

    Sash, enjoy the hell out of your ride!

    1. Dick,
      Thank you for your comment. Oh, I am having such a great time with her! I especially love cornering, twisties, and turns. I'm already over riding fast. I'm fearful of getting a speeding ticket. But the responsiveness and maneuverability are remarkable!
      I'm hoping you find a way to get one for yourself.

  2. You and Scout look good together. May the new year bring many happy miles and smiles before you have to return it.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz.
      I'm so sad at the thought of giving her up. It's gonna kill me. I may have to sell a lung or something to get one for myself.
      We'll see what the new year brings. My house is up for sale (again) so if I get lucky, I'll make enough extra to get my own Scoutie Scout! Woop!!


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