August 3, 2014

Sturgis Rally 2014

I've been at Sturgis just 2 nights and it lives up to it's billing. With so much happening I find waking up this morning exhausting.

In this emotional hangover I can see why this rally began here. The sloping, green hills and cool, fresh mornings set a rider up for a day of possibilities. I can imagine our forefathers camping in tents or sleeping on the ground under makeshift shelters, stretching tired, aching bones from hours of hardtail travel. At the height of the day's heat, one finds it hard to remember how beautifully cool the morning breaks, nor how ear-bustingly loud the night ended amid engine roars and drunken howls. The scope of the day seems to exceed the length of a human's spirit in temperatures and emotions.

Everything goes. It seems nothing is forbidden here except screwing with another's bike.

"Thou shalt not touch another's motorcycle."

The commandment that lives within us the moment we swing a leg upon our ride. No on need teach us this, nor even speak it. Perhaps we know this motorcycle-respect deeper in our souls than we do any other human kindness we really should know. As I watch the beaten zombies wander to the campground restrooms at dawn, I'm reminded that many of us treat our motorcycles better than we do ourselves, and sadly, one another.

Climbing the length of my arm en mass are wristbands, the magic passage to events here and there. With a sunburned nose and shoulders, dry mouth and sour stomach, I'm facing the dawn with the painful realization of my behavior yesterday. Realizing I need to pace myself since I'm here for the entirety of the event, I make a pledge to myself.

Today I'll take it slower, eat better, wear sunscreen and drink more water. Hell, I might even wear my helmet when I ride from campground to campground!

After all, this is Sturgis, and any crazy thing may happen here. Even commonsense.

Riding into Sturgis with Kevin Bean're, the Legendary Buffalo Chip's Mayor of Fun

At the Lady Road Dog Made In America shop with the Steel Horse Sisterhood ladies Leanne and Joan, along with my cabinmate Stephanie

Found my card in Kat's "backpocket" at Bikini Beach an hour after we met

One happy guy at Bikini Beach

Beautiful tattoos at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Jersey Steve, Kat and Kevin Bean're judge the Rope Swing contest at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip's Bikini Beach

Karlee Cobb tries on Bean're's hair for a bit

Mike Wolfe and I at the Indian Reveal

The Wall of Death performers at the Indian Scout Reveal

The 2014 Indian Scout 


  1. Great story of your first couple of days at Sturgis you got some good pics too. Enjoy


  2. What a scene! Reminds me of Over the Line in Mission Beach. Beautiful writing, Sash. I particularly like this comment: I'm reminded that many of us treat our motorcycles better than we do ourselves, and sadly, one another.

  3. Love this your story puts me right there! Now i want to go and experience myself!


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