August 21, 2014

Viking Bags Motorcycle Tailbag Review

Recently I received an Viking Bags Extra Large Plain Studded Tail bag for my motorcycle travels. I ordered this bag specifically from Viking Bags because of it's size (this was the largest bag I found that would fit my motorcycle) and compatibility with my particular motorcycle.

Since I am traveling for an undetermined period of time, perhaps a few years, it is necessary for me to carry everything I need on a long term basis. In fact, I carry many items that most folks wouldn't need on a motorcycle trip. I have medicines I need occasionally and office materials I need to run my business from the road, as well as my extra weather gear for a variety of needs. The term "gear" can be used broadly, and for me this includes rain pants, gloves, jewelry, hats and scarves.

I like a few pretty things to wear and my accessories.

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize." Clairee Belcher, Steel Magnolias

The second reason I chose this particular tail bag is my motorcycle. I ride a Yamaha V Star 650 Classic, with a short sissy bar. I would certainly like a taller sissy bar, but I'm satisfied with the one I have. I'm only 4'11" and I would like to be taller, but you deal with what life hands you. I chose Viking Bags tail bag because it would fit over the short sissy bar.

The bag also comes with a secondary attachment for one's sleeping bag. I've found this bag to be quite useful for hats, keeping my cowboy hat in perfect shape along the way. I actually tuck three smaller hats inside the cowboy hat and they all stay still and well shaped.

As I've said, it's all about packing well!

Speaking of packing, I've certainly utilized the pockets to the maximum abilities. I've designated particular pockets for particular uses so I know where to go each time I need something. So the way many people would arrange things in drawers at home is the way I've arranged the things in my tail bag pockets.

For my Fibromyalgia pain I have a number of natural remedy creams and ointments in the front, top pocket. The very top pocket is for rain gear and the rain cover for my tail bag. We have our first aid in one bottom, front pocket and our external battery and phone chargers in the other.

Even the inside of the bag comes with an adjustable divider to organize things well, along with 6 more pockets! I've organized my things in small bags, all of which have a different appearance (so I can remember what is in which bag) and they all fit inside of this enormous Viking Bags tail bag.

When I say enormous, I mean ENORMOUS! With 4,400 cubic inches of storage space, I can carry everything I need and want on my travels. While I've found that I need less in life than I ever have, I'm still a woman, and the words of Miss Clairee regarding accessorizing still ring in my ears everyday.

We ride motorcycles, but we aren't animals.


  1. Tina,

    Now that's a nice set of bags. :-) I've enjoyed my large bag from Viking Bags as well. You can almost put the kitchen sink in it. Nice video review as well!


    Live Free. Ride Hard. Be Happy

    1. Thanks Curt! I wanted something easy to attach, solid, and hold a great deal. Is that too much to ask? Methinks not! LOL!
      I'm a chick. I want my "stuff". Without it, I can't remain adorable and fashionable in my exciting videos!
      Oh, I crack myself up. . .


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