November 30, 2012

Places to See

I've shared recently about the Gypsy Trip my hubs Highway and I are planning for next year around the U.S. We plan to leave April 15, 2013 and head out to see America. With very little planning, two bikes, only the gear we can carry, and laptops, cell phones and cameras, we want to see this country we call home.

It is really our goal to have no "hard and fast" destinations. But the idea of making a list of "maybes" excites me! The things I want to see are silly, it seems, to many people. When we took a road trip last year in my car (I wasn't quite ready for it on the bike) I saw the plains for the first time in my life. The sight of the sprawling landscape that seemed to go on forever took my breath away. I had read about the plains, seen them in movies and photos, but until you are there, right there in the middle of this enormous painting by God's hand, you can't begin to grasp the awesomeness it holds.

I'm ready to see it all. I want to see corn grow in Iowa, the Potato Museum in Idaho, the NFL Hall of Fame, eat barbeque in St. Louis and in Dallas, eat jambalaya in Louisiana, watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, feel the wind blow in Chicago and taste the dust in the Oklahoma air. Where should we go? What should we see? What is in YOUR town, county, or state that I shouldn't miss? Where have you been that I need to see?

Tell me what you think and I'll add this to my "List of Maybes". When we blow through that part of the country, we'll look at the list and do our best to tie it into our plans. And let me know where you are! We can grab a bite to eat at your favorite place and share a refreshing beverage together. I want to meet other bikers who share our passion for this life.

Thanks in advance for helping me dream. . .


  1. Yes, this world is an amazing place TO ME that is. I've learned to say "TO ME" so no one can say NO IT'S NOT. Your Gypsy trip sounds amazing,my kind of trip, but I am more of a 4 wheel person,well maybe I could do three. Can I ride a tricycle and go with you? LOL
    Anyway,I am going to include you in on some spots that I have been to and really enjoyed. I thought you said you MIGHT start in GA. I would highly recommend Charleston,SC. Cute little town with lots of history. Although I have never been I have heard Hilton Head, SC is also a must. Another one I have not been to but heard a lot about is Wilmington and Cape Fear,NC. You have to go see Cape Fear, you just might see the sexy Robert Dinero lurking around....LOL
    Of course if you have never been to DC,there is really a lot to see and can be done in a day or two. Go to the Spy museum for sure and get your James Bond on!! The New England states are amazing although I have only been there in the fall. Plymouth Plantaion in Mass is just awesome. So much history coming to life right before you eyes as all the employees reinact the pilgram and indian village. Going through that area I never got to get to Martha's Vinyard which I really wanted to do, so if you go,please take lots of pictures. I also never go into Maine and heard if you get there you have to do fresh lobster on the beach. Also off of the coast of Maine is Cranberry Island,check it out! I hope you have an amazing trip and I will be with you in spirit!

    1. Thanks for all of the tips!! I'm creating a list, so this is awesome! I love the idea of Charleston. For some reason, I've always wanted to go there. The Spy Museum sounds good too, and the Plymouth Plantation!
      Thanks so much!

  2. One could only dream of an excursion like this. It would have to be the ULTIMATE bike trip anyone could imagine!Being a motorcycle rider my self I could only dream of such a adventure!Because I work 8 days a week with no life or light at the end of my tunnel! But I lost my self for a few moments reading your story lol... You guys will have an awesome time Steve will show you world from a different view.

    Ed @
    Ed's RoadHousE Jerky

    1. Ed,
      We would really like to get to all four corners of the U.S., and the Florida Keys is one of them. I've been told there are markers at all four tips of the U.S. and we should go see all four and have a photo taken at each. We're close to the one at the CA/Mex border here in San Diego.
      So we will be in your neighborhood! We'll drop by for some fresh jerky, OK?

  3. Rocky Mountain National to see it. To be above the tree line [so high trees don't grow], to see glaciers in the middle of the US, alpine tundra, elk, bighorn ram sheep and the Continental divide. Great stuff! From there, its not far to Custer, So Dakota. Custer state park is a huge beautiful wildlife meadow surrouded by forrest. Bison & pronghorn antelope live there. Just gorgeous creature, oh & elk too! Its not too much farther to go to Mt Rushmore from Custer. The Black Hills of So Dakota are just beautiful and the monument is amazing. Its an awe inspiring site. Then, you'll just be that much closer to Sturgess, I you're so inclined to join the motocycle fun there!
    Just a few thoughts for now. Terrific travels!

    1. Blue with White,

      Aaaahhhh! It all sounds amazing! I want to go to Custer State Park and The Black Hills. I want to see Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse sculpture too. Of course, everyone and their mother tells us we have to do Sturgis. It's being held Aug 5-11, but I hear the week before and after are all pretty amazing too.

      I imagine we will try, but our two main goals are 1. No planning, just let the wind blow us about and 2. Enjoy every day like it's our last!

      Thanks for the input!


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