November 30, 2012

Awaiting Motorcycle Ownership

Cooler months means less sunshine beckoning us to ride, and unwittingly, we give in. Looking out the window into cloudy skies, the chill becomes nothing more than annoyance we'd like to avoid.

"Let's just take the truck," one of replies.

But my butt is itching for the bike seat and regardless of the weather, I'm ready to pack on a little extra gear for the thrill of the throttle.

Hold yer horses, Missy! Oh, that's right. I don't own a bike of my own yet.

Days roll by, but that final day to own my own two wheels just can't come fast enough. By the end of December, God willing, I'll have my own bike. Until then, I'm riding Fender Bunny. And if you say "Bitch. You're riding Bitch!" I'll show you what a BITCH I can be! I'm nobody's bitch, so for now, I'm Fender Bunny.

Until that magical day of Biker Ownership rolls around, I'm biding my time by heading to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show®. We'll be providing some press coverage for the event as well, so I'll have an update after the show. We'll be attending in Long Beach, CA December 6, 7 & 8.

For now, I'll have to be satisfied envying everyone else's ride, until I have my own.

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