November 10, 2012

I Want To Be Free

My Mercedes C230 is officially sold. I will be receiving my first payment on December 15 from my niece, who has purchased it from me. She's pretty reliable, so I am comfortable working a payment plan out with her. Actually, I've already given her the car to drive.

Why am I telling you this? Because I've sold my car to purchase my motorcycle. I will own only one vehicle; my bike. After evaluating my lifestyle, I realize that I can live without a car or truck. Actually, Highway has a pickup truck, so if I truly need something with four wheels, I can use it. The truck was his long before we met, so even though we're married now, I will still always consider this his. But he's pretty generous and lets be use it anytime I like.

The more belongings I let go, the more freedom I feel. When my ex-pussy and I separated, I made a deal with him. He could take all of the outstanding debt, keep both of his vehicles, take any household goods and furniture he wanted. I would keep our house, which has no equity, keep my car, and keep only what he left behind. If he agreed to this, then after 15 years of marriage, I would forego any spousal support. My main reason for doing this was because after the shit was over, I never wanted to have to deal with him again. I didn't need or want his fucking money then, and I don't need or want it now.

This sweet deal left me with a huge house full of crap. For the last year I've been liquidating; having yard sales, donating to my favorite charity, and privately selling on Craigslist. Starting with a 3000 sq. ft. house, filled to the brim with crap, I am now down to half of a one car garage. Selling my car was the final large item I had to eliminate in this process.

Lastly is my house. My niece and her husband rent the house from me and have really made it into their home; an incredibly boisterous, happy, lovely home. When it was my home, after my daughter was gone, it was sterile, immaculate and void of love. Now it is anything but that! It's alive now, and I wouldn't want it any other way. When the time is right, they'll buy that house from me and I'll be even more free. For now I'm happy to have them rent it, maintain it, and bring it back to life.

The life of a vagabond, a gypsy biker, is waiting for me. The more belongings I own, the more I have to care for, be responsible for, and maintain. That burden of ownership robs me of my freedom; something I value more than anything now. The less I own, the more free I am.

One step at a time, I'm working towards that open road with no destination. In the process I've eliminated my worthless ex-pussy, my debt, my belongings and now my car. My bike, my keepsakes, my clothing and my accessories are all that remain.

You didn't expect me to get rid of my 90 pairs of shoes too, did you? Get real!


  1. This is why you need an electra glide so you can carry those shoes

  2. Headin out to the highway, Desert plains & Hell Bent for Leather by Judas Priest / Highway Star by Deep Purple... Let's roll.

  3. Sash:

    90 !! pairs of shoes. I have a long way to go to catch up to you . I'd like to get rid of stuff too, I was thinking one box a week should get me started

    Riding the Wet Coast
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    1. A woman has to set her priorities. First dump the spouse, then the house, then all the crap in the house. My clothing and accessories will always have a home though. . . perhaps not with me all of the time, but somewhere I can go to visit. :)

      Bob, the more (stuff) you lose, the more (freedom) you gain. Thanks for reading!

  4. Sash,
    I can relate to allot of what I've read on your blog. It's funny how you look at stuff and wonder why you've held on to it for so long. Divorce does that to you. The need for freedom from all the material STUFF that ties you down. We plan to start selling off stuff and down size. Get rid of the taxing house and live in a toy hauler that will house both bikes. Going where we want and not answering to the tax man for those ever rising real-estate taxes. We hope to be completely free from house and full time work in 5-7 years, that is as long as we can find affordable medical insurance and the stock market holds out till we have enough to support us on the road.
    Have fun rediscovering yourself!!!!


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