November 27, 2016

Product Review - Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket

After three of my friends got the Viking Cycle Cruise Motorcycle Jacket for women I couldn't resist getting one of my own. My friends all looked so attractive in this jacket even though they all had very different body shapes.

Not only did the classic shape of a women's jacket appeal to me, but the vintage style did too. Once my friend Leslie, owner of Wind Therapy Conditioners, had hers I ordered one.

Once I received the jacket I was pleasantly gratified. The heavy leather and strong construction impressed me immediately. The soft, quilted liner has two inner pockets perfect for a phone or wallet. I slipped it over my shoulders and tugged at the waist.

"It doesn't fit!" I whined to my husband.

"Yes it does. Remember, it stretches in the back. Pull tighter so you can zip it."

Sure enough, he was right. It zipped right up once I gave it a tug.

"Remember, riding jackets should be snug so they don't pull up when you slide. And it will stretch a little, I'm sure. Give it a few hundred miles."

Once again, he was right. After 5,000 miles this jacket fits like it was made for me.

This jacket keeps my temperature perfect in various weather conditions. I've worn this in high winds, rain and temperatures ranging from 60 - 100 degrees. It adjusts with the weather.
(Photo taken by Brittany Morrow in Joshua Tree, CA during Babes Ride Out 4.)

The solid front zipper can be unzipped to create a vent in hot weather. The open collars snap down to keep from flapping.

Easy-to-access side pockets zip close. Inside are two large, open pockets. 

When the temperatures drop, the collar can come up.

The collar can be pulled up snug for a little extra warmth. I recommend you zip it up all the way for high winds too.

The collar comes up even higher. . . 

And can be tied close with a scarf for even greater warmth and protection. 

The heavy weight leather and solid zipper add to the durable construction of this protective jacket.
(Bottlecap pins are from Ride Like A Girl Designs.) 

Seriously, I'm killin' it in this jacket!
(Photo taken by Brittany Morrow in Bagdad, CA.)

Product Overview:
Made of soft yet durable Premium Top Quality Cowhide Leather.
Durable Zippers. Braided Design On Front Seams.
Highest Quality at Lowest Price.
Classic Design Womens Biker Jacket.

(Note: This jacket does not have a zip-out liner, armor or any waterproofing.)

Motorcycle House offers this women's motorcycle jacket that is both strong and gorgeous. With the fast shipping and low price, this is certainly a jacket to add to your closet. I find this jacket to not only be amazing for riding, but very stylish too!

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