October 30, 2016

Dying To Ride Again

I'm dying to get our on the road again. I'm crawling out of my skin. I long for the vagabonding days of motorcycling on the open road with my husband Steve.

Today on the one year anniversary of moving into our San Diego apartment. I feel more stalled than ever. We have 8 more months on our lease, so we're not going anywhere until July 2017 at the earliest. But we have another obstacle holding us back.

Our beagle Mia.

Mia has been Steve's dog for 12 years. When he went through his divorce, Mia stayed with Steve's ex-wife. He wanted to take her and asked for her repeatedly, but to no avail. But last Christmas Mia ran away from home and ended up in the local shelter. Steve's ex was out of state so we drove to pick Mia up.

The moment we saw her we knew she was very ill. We decided on the spot to keep her with us and nurse her back to health. She recovered after a few months, but at the age of 14, we see her struggle. I've fallen as deeply in love with her as Steve is. We feel our little family is more complete since she's come to be ours. We are a pack now.

In light of this new development, we've committed to care for her until her time comes. She's too old and frail to ride on a motorcycle with us so we will stay in San Diego.

Turnagain Pass on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska
I tried doing some traveling on my own over the summer. I went to Alaska for a couple weeks, stopped in Seattle, visited with my Aunt and Uncle in Texas and then went to Babes Ride Out in Joshua Tree, CA last weekend. Even though I love traveling, I would have rather ridden my motorcycle with Steve all of that time.

With my 14-year-old nephew Zachary in Seattle

With my Aunt Charlotte, Uncle Reggie and my cousin Reagan at Charlotte's home in Bridge City, Texas

Getting silly at the photo booth with fellow riders Brittany and Ariana at Babes Ride Out 4

Monica, Ariana and I rode from San Diego together to BRO4 and really enjoyed our time together
I'm exhausted. I developed a bacterial infection from some Reindeer Stew at the Alaska State Fair and ended up in the emergency room in Beaumont, Texas. My gut has suffered some damage as a result, so now I'm struggling with my health again.

But while I was away I missed Steve so much. It was good for us to have time apart to grow as individuals, but these months have been too much. I'm so very glad to be home.

Yet, I am already dying to leave again.

There's such a difference between motorcycling with your partner and any other type of travel. Every mile on the bike strengthens the body while tearing it down. The different cities stimulate me and the landscapes awaken me. It nourishes every corner of my soul. We spend the days in our own helmets and come together at our hotel at night. We can experience it side by side and process it alone.

That's the perfect formula except for the loneliness. Even though we are together, there's an isolation from society.

I don't belong in one place. The road is my destination and Steve is my home. Wherever our road leads, as long as he's with me, I'm always home.

Until the day we can remount our motorcycles and ride away, I'll be try and be patient.

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  1. That sweet puppy dog looks like the perfect reason to stay put a little longer. Luckily the open road will always be there.

    Feel better soon.


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