March 9, 2015

Trippin in Tucson

The happy dude on the sidewalk was rocking back and forth, seemingly having a pretty righteous acid trip. 
Our time in Tucson, AZ has been completely relaxing and refreshing.

Our second night in Tucson we met with Chris and Mike and had dinner at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery. Chris and I have become friends online and she and her husband Mike ride Royal Enfields. We were excited to meet up with them. Chris has sent me a load of information on local motorcycling events, so I'm looking forward to getting together again, meeting more riders, and seeing some of the city.

After dinner with Chris and Mike, we worked 4 days straight in our hotel room, getting caught up on business. We had only wandered out once or twice in the evenings, so we were both ready to get out and spend a day or two checking out the sights of Tucson.

Steve and I spent an afternoon on 4th Avenue strolling, shopping and having the best burgers ever at Lindy's on 4th. After lunch we found Mr. Head's and while I took a few business calls, Steve enjoyed a few beers. He found the beer selection as average, having only a few craft beers that are rather popular.

4th Avenue seems to cater to students, as it is within walking distance of the University of Arizona. But the street scene is interesting and unique. The street musicians look as if they've fallen out of a bus of protesters of the Vietnam War, each of them dressed much like the hippies of the 60's with dreads hanging over their shoulders and huge smiles on their young faces.

I loved soaking up the richness of their commitment to this lifestyle. I've always been attracted to people who are seeking to express themselves and searching for freedom in their lives. I suppose it reminds me of my parents and my life of the bikers who surrounded me in my home as a young girl.

4th Avenue Shopping District has cool little shops of stylish vintage and new clothing, organic foods, spices, and artwork. The artwork is everywhere one looks, on the walls of buildings, odd sculptures here and there, and hanging in the restaurants and shops.

At sunset we climbed onto Steve's bike Blackbird and rode back to our hotel with full bellies and a sense of rejuvenation.

I woke up the next morning and rolled over to Steve, kissing his face.

"Where are you taking me today? I loved yesterday! Can we go do something else?"

"I had planned on it. I have a place I want you to see," he replied.

For the second day in a row I decided to ride with Steve on Blackbird. Often when we are going on short jaunts and going to the same place, I don't see the need to take two bikes. We aren't actually going riding, but just trudging through the city, so for me, it's more relaxing to simply be a passenger and take in the sights.

We rode out of town to the Mission San Xavier de Bac, the oldest structure in Arizona. Just the view of the structure as we approached took my breath away.

We walked around outside a bit and took a few photos together. I was approaching the front of the church when I tripped and fell to the ground. I simply tripped on my own feet, in this weird way, and landed on the my hands. The skirt of my dress had flown up my back and I was embarrassed that my behind was exposed.

Before I could grasp what had happened Steve and another man brought me up to my feet. I thanked them and tried to gain my composure. Steve and a little girl were gathering the beads of my bracelet that had broken upon the fall. I examined the scrapes on my hand and asked Steve to help me find a ladies room. The little girl silently held out her hands to give me my beads.

"Thank you Honey. Would you like to keep them? You were so nice to pick them up for me."

She shoved the beads in her pocket with a smile.

"I like your hair," she said, then ran off to join her mother.

After washing my hands I felt much better. Steve and I explored the church and the grounds of the mission in awe. I couldn't get over the notion of kneeling before a church door, that somehow it was a sign from the Universe as to the powerful presence of the humanity lay before me.

I am no longer a religious person. At one time in my life I was a devout Christian, but since my near death experience, that has changed. My beliefs have broadened and I now believe in a more universal collective thought. I believe we are all connected in a spiritual way that I cannot explain. But at that moment, kneeling before God and humanity, I could absolutely feel it.


Inside the church I was overwhelmed with the quiet reverence of the visitors. Obviously many of the visitors were there just to observe the artwork, which is close enough to touch and in every place one looks and sits. The sight is miraculous, having stood nearly unchanged since 1792. Every visitor seemed to respond as they entered, quieting their voices, touching every spot so gently, sitting in the pews, and some praying.

I believe that each of us intrinsically can sense the emotions of one another and we can sense the emotions that have been poured out in a place of worship, whether we realize it intellectually or not. This place truly brought out reverence from the visitors, be it for the art, the history, or the powerful spiritual existence that lies within those walls.

After two days with two entirely different atmospheres, I found myself so relaxed I slept on and off for 22 hours. Even now as I write, I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. Perhaps this was the break I needed from the stresses of business. I'm very fortunate to have a life where I can listen to my body, my heart and my soul, and fill my needs as they arise in different, beautiful places around the country.

This life of travel is incredibly fulfilling, albeit sometime exhausting, it is worth every moment of effort to feel so complete.

Two days in Tucson are just what I needed to come back to center.


  1. If hubby and I are heading the same place we often ride two-up as well. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to take two bikes just cuz we can. Especially just heading to dinner when overnighting somewhere.

  2. So glad you guys could swing by 4th Avenue! That is, by far, my wife's favorite place in Tucson.

    We live in Sahuarita (another 10 minutes south of San Xavier that you visited).

    Safe travels, you guys!

  3. Sorry about your fall you poor thing. ��
    Hope you heal up really fast and don't feel much pain. Stay safe kiddos. ❤️

  4. Glad your okay beautiful. I see you got a book out, I am going to down load on my tablet tonight.
    I will be following your blogs, you two be safe. Hugs. Love you guys!

  5. Ride safely. .and fulfill your dreams.


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