March 4, 2015

In Love With The Road

Packed up and ready to leave our winter hibernation in San Diego
Leaving San Diego to ride our motorcycles around the western states again wasn't easy. The day we pack is always incredibly stressful. Packing for the first time in a few months is even worse.

I like clothes and shoes very much. I have a tendency to collect more than I need, like many women. So wintering in San Diego gave me time to do a little too much shopping.

Too much stuff really stresses Steve out. He becomes nervous and frustrated just seeing STUFF! I understand his feelings and as his wife, I want to help relieve that stress, so I show him every item I get rid of. Most of the extra stuff goes to my storage or gets donated. It really helps me feel better to think that I can keep the things I love, but I don't need to keep them with me.

Shelli, me and Steve a few years ago at a Chamber function. We would be lost without Shelli.
We have our Assistant Extraordinaire Shelli who manages our stuff. Everything we own is either our our bikes or takes up half of a one car garage at her home. Shelli manages the bills, mail, bookkeeping, insurance, and our stuff for us personally and for our businesses. She's our Wonder Woman! So Shelli and her husband David came with their Tahoe and picked up all the stuff, much to Steve's relief.

My first husband Butch used to tell everyone "So Long" but never "Goodbye" because he wanted to believe he would see them again. Butch was a very sweet man and I miss him often, but we weren't a good fit as a married couple.

So, I spent my last day riding around San Diego saying "So Long" to my friends. Jenny, Madhavi, Betty, Kay and Janet all made time for me before we left for another 7 months on the road. Getting hugs and well wishes for a safe and joyous Road Pickle felt so amazingly good!

Getting hugs and gifts from Madhavi, my fellow woman riding buddy.
The morning came and I struggled to get the bags packed. Since I'm riding the Indian Scout just for the month of March and it has no bags, I was trying to figure a way to attach a couple of backpacks to the fender. I used a net but the bags just slid off to the side. Previously I had carried groceries on the fender, but these bags just weren't cooperating.

Steve and I were seriously frustrated with one another and the tension was so thick we were spitting words at one another. The good thing is that we both know it's always tough the day we leave, so we are actually more patient now, understanding that we are just tense. It's part of our nature, I suppose, to bicker when we are leaving a place. We've done this so many times that we both almost expect it.

We managed tie one bag to the tailbag on Steve's bike and the other bag we simply shipped ahead to our hotel in Tucson. I figured I would come up with a solution once I get to Tucson, or simply ship a few things ahead again.

It was starting to sprinkle at noon when we were finally getting on the road, only increasing my anxiety level.

"Dammit! We are leaving a day early to AVOID the rain! We better not get rained on or I'm gonna flip!" I shouted in my helmet to no one.

Feeling free on the road!
Once we crossed over the mountains east of San Diego, heading into the Imperial Valley, the clouds we all behind us as we were greeted with warmer temps and plenty of sunshine. That was when I took my first deep breath and smiled, knowing we were on our way. I pulled up beside Steve and blew him kisses and he waved a couple of fingers at me. These are our little signals that we are both happy and still in love.

We are in love, with each other and in love with the road. It seems the two of us come alive as soon as our wheels roll on the asphalt. To create a life that is about riding motorcycles has been so perfect for us both. I've always loved motorcycles and always wanted to travel. I can't think of a better way than on two wheels with my best riding buddy.

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  1. Glad you managed to get on the road without too many issues (bike storage aside).

    Have a great journey.

    1. Trobairitz, we intend on stopping in Corvallis on our way up the coast on April 19, leaving the next day. I hope we can meet you folks for dinner. We'll be there early in the afternoon. It's a short ride day for us, so we can meet you anywhere you like for dinner. :)
      This is part of the reason we do this; to meet other bloggers, riders, friends and clients as we can. It makes for a much better time!

  2. Make your way to the east coast again and leave the shoes behind :-)


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