September 15, 2014

Motorcycle Blogger Bob Skoot Dead

Bob Skoot and Mrs. Skoot, Yvonne, in his last post on his blog Riding the Wet Coast 

Steve and I just got word that our Motorcycle Blogging friend Bob Skoot has died. I don't have all of the details, but it is my understanding that he passed away last night in his sleep in Nashville. He was with his wife Yvonne on a trip across the U.S. in their Corvette. So Steve and I have done what we always do in times of sorrow, and we are at our laptops writing. This is how we process many emotions and sort out our thoughts and pain.

Rather than tell you about Bob as I knew him, I would prefer to share with you some excerpts from his emails to me.

"Glad to meet you. I have been following Steve for a while, he is also on my sidebar as a blog I follow.

I think we come from similar backgrounds. Myself from a broken home, and then forced to live with step relatives until I had to leave home (sort of runaway), lived in rooming houses so I know what it is like not to have family.

Until my current family, I have always been alone though not by choice. I am not sure I am as brave as Steve to post the details, but I may get the nerve. It is who I am and why I crave to have friends and seek out the family life I never had when I was younger as I have always had to work for my money, so I grew up the hard way.

I am so thankful for my blogging friends. I think all of us are just normal people with the same desires and have the same urge to ride motorcycles. Some of us have more time than others, and some more comfortable to ride solo, and some with friends. 

 You are lucky to have found each other. I do not have the luxury of having a riding buddy. Mrs Skoot, Yvonne has a hip problem which prevents her from riding or even being a passenger as sitting on a bike hurts her hips. I don’t post all of this stuff but basically she can’t ride. She is waiting for a hip replacement operation but then she broke her wrists so we had to decline her place when a spot became available."

Bob and I wrote upwards of 30 emails over the last 2 years trying to meet up on the road, but had never been successful. I thought we had finally figured something out, as we were to meet in next week as he traveled the Million Dollar Highway. I hadn't even told Steve yet that I was trying to firm up plans with Bob as to where and when so we could ride up from Phoenix to meet him and Mrs. Skoot. Now that's not going to happen.

The sense of loss I feel is odd and yet somehow profound. Although we hadn't met, I felt a kinship with Bob; the same kinship I feel with most riders. I know he was a lonely man in many ways, but his friendships are what fulfilled him. To those of you who made a point of meeting up with him, kudos to you. I'm sure he took great pleasure in meeting each of you.

Bob never hesitated to give me advice about riding. He consistently reminded me to be careful, wear proper gear, and gave me tips upon tips about safety. Embracing this kindness and concern he had, I always thanked him, as I was truly grateful. I may not have always heeded his warnings, but I adored that he was so concerned.

Tomorrow, or even later tonight, I intend to get on my motorcycle and ride in memory of Bob. I shall roll back the throttle and feel the wind, and think of my departed friend. I hope that on the other side he feels the loving embrace of those who will miss him, be aware of the lasting, loving imprint he left upon us all, and know serenity.

Rest in Peace Bob Skoot.


  1. Bob would probably remind you to wear safety gear on that ride. There's some solace in knowing Bob died while on the road, but, oof, it sucks. I really only know him from his interaction - with me and others - on blogs. He was that rare person who took the time to pay attention to what people were writing and what they meant. A very good man. I also enjoyed reading his blog. He'll be missed.


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