July 29, 2014

Riding California to South Dakota

After staying in Murphys, CA for a few days to visit my StepMom Kathy, we headed out our separate ways for Fernley, NV. I suggested to Steve that we take different routes so he could find something more challenging over the Sierra Nevadas. He found a road that went down to one-lane for 30 miles, twisting and winding his way to Nevada, while I chose Highway 49 and Interstate 80. Frankly, I was surprised at the technical aspects of Hwy 49 in some sections. I loved the ride, but I would have loved it more for a day ride with friends, rather than just a portion of my ride to actually get somewhere in a day.

Once I reached Interstate 80, also known as the Lincoln Highway, I rode that all the way to Salt Lake City, and then some. My hubs has done a better job of logging our trip this far, so if you want to catch up, read his articles on his site Motorcycle Philosophy and get caught up with our travels.

Currently we are in Sioux Falls, SD staying at the Candlewood Suites. Candlewood has really become our home-away-from-home because they have all of the amenities we need as travel bloggers. We have work stations in the room, a kitchen to cook meals, a gym, business center; the works! As far as working, I don't know where all my time goes or how I fall so far behind, but I'm grateful to Steve for keeping on top of our blogging of the miles.

We leave in two days for Mitchell, SD for one night for a Pre-Sturgis Party at Klock Werks Kustom Cycles with Brian and Laura Klock, and then off to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on August 1. We will remain in Sturgis until August 14 meeting folks, enjoying the rally, and yes, working.

There was some beer tasted in Prospector's Brewing by my hubs, but none for me thanks! 
More along my lines of decadence, Cupcake Wars winners Lila and Sage Cupcakes hit the spot! 
Sunsets beyond the picturesque Main Street in Murphys
Hamming it up in the center of town in Murphys
The view from Tranquility Massage & Spa in Murphys, where I got a fantastic massage. Across from Murphys Historic Hotel, all riders could benefit from a massage while visiting this town, along with all of the other indulgences to be found.
Steve waiting for me in Murphys on Main Street while I shop
Taking on Hwy 49 in California alone, and loving it!

One beautiful view after another on Highway 49 from Murphys to Loomis, CA. I never realized how close I was to Folsom, and the famed prison of the Johnny Cash song, one of my favorites when I ride

I ran into some rain at the Donner Pass section of the Lincoln Highway
We had to visit the Bonneville Salt Flats, home of daredevils and thrillseekers. I fondly thought of two women I've met recently, Laura Klock and Jessi Combs, and the world records they broke here.

After blowing through the Utah Salt Flats for over an hour at 80 mph, the posted speed limit, my gas tank was drying out quickly.  We had to slow down for about 15 miles until we reached a gas station to conserve fuel. 

I'm not sure what it is I love about truckstops, not just Loves but all of them, but I've always been fascinated with them. Perhaps it's the travel aspect, or the plethora of items they sell, or the home-away-from-home feel I get there, but Steve knows to stop at them for me, just to get me to smile.

I was excited to be in Salt Lake City to rest a couple of days before our next leg of the trip, but I was really more excited to get our mail from our office manager, who also sent my new boots.
After a great meal of Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, I got a bear hug at Little America in Wyoming
We pushed up the Lincoln Highway in Wyoming. This was my first visit to WY and I was thrilled to see how gorgeous it is!
My first stop in Nebraska was to make a client phone call roadside. I got off between towns and pulled off on a quiet road, since I couldn't make it to a city before our scheduled phone conference. Not a bad place to work.
The Lincoln Highway seems to go on forever from Nevada through Nebraska. I was tired when we arrived at sunset in North Platte, NE after a very long day of riding.
The road construction goes on and off from Wyoming through Nebraska, but I never saw one piece of heavy equipment doing anything but sitting. A reader suggested that doubling the fines in these "Work Zones" was a way to increase local revenue.
We met Liam at the Flying J Truckstop in Nebraska and had a great talk with him.
After 9 days, 2100 miles and 6 states of travel, the only tough weather was the wind and rain just outside of Sioux Falls, SD. 


  1. A great catch up of the trip so far, but I have to just say....mmmmm cupcakes.

  2. Yea, I stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats too, I was alone and hadn't seen anyone for a while. Loved the solitude. Love the selfies too.


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