July 1, 2014

Bike Night in Bakersfield

Bike Night in Bakersfield, CA occurs on Wednesday nights at Chuy's Mexican Grill on Rosedale Hwy. Sponsored by 98.5 The Fox, a local radio station, the parking lot begins to fill with chrome and steel around 6:30pm.

On our recent visit to Bakersfield, we headed out to enjoy the company of other riders, get a glimpse of some motorcycles, and get our fill of chips and beer, all while grooving to some classic 80's tunes.

My hubs asked for sexy, so I gave it to him!
Even in the heat, the patio filled up fast!
Mike Bell and Kenn McCloud, 98.5 The Fox D.J.'s told me about the weekly Bike Night and invited us back next week.
The parking lot begins to fill up as the Bike Night gets underway
Even in the hot temps, the patio was completely full of riders
You can see by the looks on our faces that I'm talking smack with my daughter Olivia
My Yamaha V Star 650 and my hubs Honda ST 1300 chillin' in the parking lot for our first Bakersfield Bike Night
My new Bell Custom 500 helmet from Helmet City in flat black. Love this lid!
Dig this paint job, all that chrome and those bad ass rims!
Checking out the rides
Even 2 hours into the event, bikes continued to arrive
Super clean Harley parked right up front
About 1/3 of the motorcycles in attendance were sport bikes, with the majority being Harleys
Awesome full-face Bell helmet hanging off this sport bike
Local classic rock radio station 98.5 The Fox sponsors the event
I enjoyed the evening with my daughter Olivia, who is 9 months pregnant
Murray and Kim enjoyed a couple of beers and basket of chips, soaking in the vibe. The water misters kept the patio pretty cool, in spite of the warm temps.
Drew shows off his custom painted lid, while his buddy Daniel downs his beer
Our mascot Asphalt Annie works on her third beer of the night
After one too many beers, Asphalt Annie puts the Ass in Asphalt
Group of local Harley Davidson riders who spent the majority of the night laughing together. The woman in the green talked to me on the way out about getting her own Sportster this summer and learning to ride.
98.5 The Fox Classic Rock holds a raffle throughout the event
Blake and Jared are distracted as Asphalt Annie makes a run for their second pitcher of beer
The patio was hopping long after Bike Night was declared over
My new buddy Dustin wearing his Assjack shirt. Assjack is an American punk metal band led by Hank Williams III and Garrett Bremer playing mostly psychobilly music. Caleb laughed at me when Dustin stood up and my head bent back as far as it could go, sizing up the Big Guy!

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