January 25, 2014

Only A Motorcycle

When I tell people that I don't own a car, they usually don't have a verbal response. I should really start taking photos of their faces when I say that, because they are all nearly the same. Slack jawed, eyes agape, astounded, they just stare at me trying to process this information. They must think I'm kidding. . .

I sold my Mercedes to buy my first motorcycle and I have not owned a car since. I'll tell you the truth. I take great pride in that statement, but it comes at a price. Living in San Diego I have little need, if any, for a car. But there are times it would be much easier.

My daughter will be coming to visit in a couple of weeks and now that she's pregnant, I have no intention of riding her about town on my motorcycle, nor will my hubs ride her about on his. Picking someone up with their luggage from the train station is a bit difficult when one only owns a motorcycle. But we have other options in San Diego, such as Car2Go, cabs, the bus and the trolley. So as a final resort, I do have resources.

This week I attended a networking lunch to promote our business Too Much Tina Media. I have attended these luncheons for years promoting business and meeting other business owners and I've always enjoyed them. I always dress professionally, skirts or dresses, hair and makeup perfectly fixed, etc. So now that I'm on two wheels, this becomes a bit of a challenge. I rode to the lunch wearing a black dress, hot pink tights, black ankle boots and my leather jacket. I wished I had remembered to put on my chaps when a rock hit my knee, but I was just grateful that my tights didn't tear. The pain in my knee was forgettable, but I wouldn't have wanted to attend in torn tights.

When I arrived I made a beeline for the Ladies Room and fixed my hair, touched up my lipstick and fluffed my dress. While attending the luncheon someone remarked about a motorcycle out front and the I told him it was mine. I could have knocked the fella over with a feather (imagine the gaping stare I mentioned).

"You're riding a motorcycle in THAT?" he nearly yelled.

"Yes, why not?" I replied, entirely sincere.

When he couldn't answer, I had his full attention and we were able to then get down to business.

It's not easy, as it takes me far more time to get ready twice, once before I go somewhere and then again when I arrive, but it's worth it. Sometimes, just for the look on someone's face.



  1. I've gone a few years without a car and only had a motorcycle.When I did get one,I usually never spent more than $500,my current car is a 1985 Ford Ranger pick up I got for $200 and before that was a 1987 full size Dodge Ram Van I got for $100 ,From Oct 2011 to Oct 2012,PA inspection time,I put a total of 913 miles on the truck.,now 800 of that was helping out someone haul stuff from Buffalo NY to Brooklyn NY and back home,but only 213 for the entire year,the rest is on the motorcycle.

  2. Tina, wow indeed. I'm glad the rock didn't tear your tights or hurt you worse than it did. I got hit by a rock in chaps once and it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. I can only imagine what your conversations are like with folks when they find you don't own a car and always ride. Take care of yourself and watch out for rocks! ~Curt


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