July 7, 2013

Time Heals

It is said that time heals all wounds. I can't fully agree with that but time does help with perspective. After some wet riding left me swollen with severe pain, I laid in bed at my friend's home wrapped in warm blankets and self pity. I guess we all fall into that pit from time to time. This was my time.

I'm still in a great deal of pain after two days. But I've pulled my head out of my ass and got my ass out of the bed and hobbled about today, which is better than yesterday. Waiting patiently in the North Carolina rain for my healing to progress my Katie sits and mounting her to ride again is a few days away.

Highway and I have had a few long talks and plan to make a few changes in our journey going forward. Avoiding this type of pain has become my first priority. We've determined that being wet and high humidity work against my fibromyalgia. Also, for the first time in my life, I can feel the barometric pressure change with extreme aches in my joints. I have spent my entire life on the West Coast so I had no idea that my body would react this way, but I can feel the rain two hours before it hits.

We are looking at staying closer to the East Coast, hugging the coastline, and shooting across Pennsylvania over a couple days inland to Ohio, doing our best to avoid the wetness of Humidity Hell. I am so grateful to be with a husband and riding partner who is as piaent and understanding as Highway. Most men would grow tired of a wife who needs to rest so often, needs time to heal, and pouts like a fool when overcome with pity.

We are having a nice time resting in Hays, NC and being well fed by my friend's wife Ashley, a truly gifted Southern chef. I guess I can think of worse places to recover.

I am doing my best to take care of myself without being too much of a pain around here as my Katie waits. She is my whole life, it seems. Riding Katie is my solace, my therapy, my church and my home. Being behind Highway, following his tail lights, being in his tire path is all I want in life.

In a couple days I can get back to my life of riding. In the meantime, I will enjoy this fine food and company, catching up on old times and creating new memories.


  1. At least you have good company and good food for resting and recovering.

    I guess the one good thing that has come out of this is you know the west coast climate is a good place for you to be and not hurt so much.

  2. Sash it is good you are listening to your body, because otherwise it will shut down. Patient hubby is an awesome hubby. Hang in there. I know all to well the aches and pains of FM and there are days when I have to scream at myself to get up and get moving. I know of your struggle, be gentle with yourself.

  3. I agree with the ladies. It's best just to listen to you body. I would recommend going to Pittsburgh if your going to be up that way. My hometown has some fantastic views and some great roads to ride on.

    Avoid the deep south right now as much as possible wince we are just wet, humid and miserable right now.


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