July 14, 2013

Making A Life of Riding

"I didn't think we would always be going sight seeing. I thought we were just living our lives, the same way we did when we had our own apartment, working everyday and going out when we can."

This is the first time I realized that my hubs Highway and I saw Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia differently. I saw it as a trip, but he saw it as a way of life.

When we talked of the 6-month trip, I talked about eating food in different cities, meeting people and seeing landscape. I'm sure I never mentioned anything about seeing landmarks and historical locations, because I assumed that was something we both wanted to do. In the past, when we've traveled, that was as much a part of our trip as going to bars at night for drinks or grabbing an interesting lunch of local chow. Now that we've traveled so far, covered 10 states, I've put over 8,000 miles on Katie in less than 3 months, and we're less than 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean (after leaving from the Pacific coast), I realize we've both had different goals all along.

But it must not have been a very big deal, because if we could come so far without either one of us realizing it, it obviously hasn't impeded on our lifestyle that much.

Because that's what Road Pickle is meant to be; our lifestyle.

We own a company, Too Much Tina Media, publishing websites, including the one you're reading right now. As Internet Publishers we create sites, create content, build readership, sell advertising and maintain active sites for years, providing good content for our readers and great opportunities for our advertisers to be seen by the customers who want their products. We are painstaking in our efforts to make certain the content is of the highest quality we can deliver to our readers and that our advertisers are getting their money's worth when buying ads from us. We've created this business for three purposes; 1. To create an income for us both; 2. To create a business that we can work from anywhere so we could travel; 3. To teach others how to do the same, which is why we have coached others to become successful Internet Publishers.

Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia was a trip designed to be an example of the freedom one could have as an Internet Publishing Professional. We feel it has been highly successful and easier to manage than actually having a permanent residence. We employ an assistant who manages our mail, bookkeeping and some of our personal items while we minimize our lives to make them Road-Manageable. Having taken so many trips together we assumed that if we could manage a week, we could manage a month. If we could manage a month, we could manage 6 months. And we were right.

But actually doing this has been amazingly enlightening. The fears I had going into this have all but vanished and everyday I wake excited to be alive and be living my life. I love my company, my work, my husband, my motorcycle and my lifestyle. So if it's going so well, why would I want that to change?

I've decided Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia needn't end in the Fall, as we had originally planned. The truth is neither of us want to stop living our lives this way, so we have decided we will ride indefinitely. We will return to San Diego for a few weeks in the Fall to visit our friends and family and take care of some "housekeeping" items. Once our tasks are completed and visits are all made, we plan to set out again for warm country to wait out the winter, staying a month at a time in different places. Then, as soon as it's warm enough, travel as the weather allows.

Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia fit us so well, we've decided to make it more than a once-in-a-lifetime-trip, but a life.


  1. WooHoo! It's awesome when a plan comes together!

  2. In a way I envy you. In a way I don't. Good luck on the path you have chosen to the both of you.

  3. I kinda thought you'd make that choice somewhere along the road. Only suggestion I'd make is... don't even say you're gonna live "This way" forever. Just say... this is how we live today. We'll take care of tomorrow when it shows up!

    Tomorrow will come along soon enough. Don't put pressures on it when tomorrow still remains unknown. Just let it be whatever the sunrise lights up that day!


  4. Ride and travel until it isn't fun anymore - if that ever happens.

    I am happy you are enjoying yourselves enough that you want to extend it. I might be getting tired of motel rooms and diner food by now.

    Keep on keeping on......


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