March 31, 2013

Not Even a Nod

For the last few years I've ridden on the back of Blackbird with my hubs Highway and learned the social do's and don'ts for motorcycling etiquette. One of the first things I learned was the way riders wave to one another. I've noticed that most riders will wave if I wave first. Whether it be the wave, the nod or the three finger high sign, all riders seem to like to be greeted, if they see me wave. Now and then I give the wave, but the other rider doesn't see it, so I understand when I don't get one back.

Since I've been riding solo I've continued to wave. I give the nod if I'm not in a situation to raise a hand, give a few fingers in I can, or the full on wave if I'm able. Nothing ridiculous, but the low hand just out to the side, often times giving the peace hand sign. Just my way of doing things; always has been.

When I was a kid, my father, a die-hard Harley rider, insisted I do not wave to the "Jap Bikes", as he called them. He rode with an M.C. so the non-American made bikes were not worthy of his acknowledgement. This man who taught me "Don't judge others by the clothes they wear or the things they own," didn't take his own advice when it came to motorcycles. Of course I respected and worshiped my Daddy far too much to much to discuss it with him, but I wasn't blind to the irony.

What has struck me funny since I've been riding solo is that I'm not getting the return waves I'm accustomed to. I'm not sure what to attribute this to: that I'm a chick with a pink and black helmet, that I'm riding a 500cc Kawasaki, that I'm riding a scarlet red bike, or all of or none of the above. But for every 10 waves I give, I'm getting perhaps 1 in return.

What the fuck? I can't imagine why this is! How am I any different riding on the back of my father's Harley, my husband's Honda ST or my own Kawasaki Ninja? What ever it is, fuck you and the bike you rode in on if you think you're too goddamn good to wave to me.

The funny thing is, I'm a barrel full of fun-monkeys and probably one of the best chicks you could ever party with. While I won't blow you or anything, I'm still know how to have a great time. Not only that, I make an awesome wingman and usually get my male friends laid when we're out. So really, it's you that's missing out on having me as a pal, even if it is for only a brief second on the road. Being a shit to me only brings you some bad karma, my friend.

So wave or don't, but I won't stop being the one to initiate the contact. I won't let the dickheads on the road piss in my Cheerios and keep me from having a good time riding. Oh, you may get my goat for a minute or so, but I'm over it pretty quick and off to my next good time. Just know, if you're one of those assrats who look down your nose at a chick like me on a Ninja, you'll never find yourself looking down on any woman as awesome as as I am sucking your tiny dick.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it.


  1. I have noticed the lack of wave many times also. Their loss.

  2. I wave often or nod if I can't wave. I hate the dickheads who don't wave because I ride a cruiser and a Honda. Uggh I'm with ya, who the hell cares what someone rides or the colour of their gear or whether it's textile or leather. I get tired of the attitude and I seriously don't care what people ride. When I rode a scooter I was totally disrespected by other two wheelers, ironically I was out riding when most of the fairweather road princesses had their big ass bikes parked because they were too cold or wimpy to ride.

  3. The difference is the Ninja. None of the riders I know would snub a woman on a bike (maybe some of the MC guys do). I noticed the same thing when I went from riding my Suzuki VX800 (which looks like a cruiser from the front) to my Triumph Speed Four (which looks like a sportbike).

    Fuck 'em if they don't want to play. Rules about who to wave to? What is this, high school? I wave at everybody, including scooters. Hell, I'll wave at bicyclists if they make eye contact. We're all taking the same risks. Lots of people don't wave back, but it doesn't stop me.

  4. I'm with Lucky on this one: I wave at anybody, yo. They don't always wave back, admittedly...

  5. I'm Waving! I'm WAVING!!! :)

  6. When I was riding a Yamaha sport bike, I got very few waves too. I got a few more with my 1200 Sportster, and even more with my Harly 1450. People are snobs.

  7. Sash:

    don't worry about it. It's their loss. We have the same non wavers here too. Mainly the HD crowd who don't respond. Then there's the Sportbike vs Cruisers, I mean, nobody gets along.

    You will find things different when you are on the open road touring. Any bike loaded up with luggage or have sidecases will all wave or nod

    You need a Pony-tail tied with a pink ribbon streaming out the back of your helmet, then see what happens . . . or form fitting one piece riding leathers

    Riding the Wet Coast

  8. Thanks for all of your comments!! :)

    Bob, I think I'll just ride topless. That should get me some waves. . . ;) The only downside is the bug splatter. I'll post photos.


  9. OMW Lucky - "Rules about who to wave to? What is this, high school? I wave at everybody, including scooters. Hell, I'll wave at bicyclists if they make eye contact. We're all taking the same risks." RIGHT ON!!

  10. I should point out i ride a GS500F so not a cruiser. Its funny sometimes I get waves from Harley Guys and sometimes not. I am an all year rider(living in Vancouver makes me lucky in that respect)and I have found that in the crappy winter months i get more waves from the Harley guys. As the nicer weather approaches these waves are slowly declining. I just chalk it up to the fair weather riders who ride for the image come out now.

  11. I ride a sport bike and I get waves from virtually all sport bikes, and most cruisers. I've definitely noticed that the "bad ass" guys riding "Bat-Wing" Harleys are the least likely to wave. I've made a conscious choice to believe that they're all too busy adjusting their radios, setting their cruise control, and looking at their satnavs. I also think that probably a lot of sport bike riders *don't* wave to them, so they're caught by surprise.

    It will never stop me waving, and I get more waves than not.


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