October 23, 2012

Don't Be a Booger

This is certainly a matter of personal preference, but I would never, ever wear a jacket like this. I would rather get run over by a semi ~ no shit. I know what some of you are thinking. . . "If you don't wear bright colors you're more likely to get hit."

I don't know if you're right or not. I've seen studies that show it both ways. But I do know that if I put this jacket or any other booger-colored gear on, I would be in mortal danger. That would be because I would be sobbing with shame and drive off of a cliff.

Again, we all have our own personal styles. I'm kind of a fashion buff, less trendy and more about classic style. Nowhere in my joie de vivre is there a place for booger gear. Give me leather, suede, mink, fox, and cashmere. I love hot pink, black, fishnet stockings, short skirts, high heels, long scarves, velvet gloves and fur lined jackets.

Next some crybaby is going to sick PETA on me.


  1. I love your style Lady! It ain't PC, not everyone's cup of tea, but I laughed my ass off over this one.

  2. T-
    I'm burning all my booger colored duds.
    Billy Z


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