June 27, 2017

Wearing Enough Motorcycle Gear

Wearing enough gear

All The Gear, All The Time. How many times have you heard you need to be wearing enough motorcycle gear stay safe?

How much gear does a motorcycle rider need?

Certainly it will protect one from serious injury or death in the case of an accident. But are these "Gear Advocates" being just as cautious in all aspects of their lives?

Most riders stop and have a meal during a long day of riding. If you're anything like me, you eat burgers and fries, not a salad. I have a huge appetite when I ride so I usually want something substantial. Riding burns calories, even if you're just riding a long, straight, boring highway, so it makes sense that you'll want a big meal.

According to statistics, 17,629 American motorcycle riders died of heart disease in 2014, but only 4,295 American motorcycle riders in the U.S. died in a motorcycle accidents in the same year.*

This staggering statistic shows more than 4 times as many riders die of heart disease than in motorcycle accidents.

Chances are those "Preachers of ATGATT" are not putting the same thought about safety into every aspect of lives. Do these same people wear a seat belt every time they get into a car? Are they getting regular health checkups at their doctor, practicing safe sex, reducing their stress and going to the gym regularly? Do they smoke, drink too much or use drugs? Are they wearing sunscreen and drinking enough water? What other dangerous habits do these same critics have?

As I said, wearing gear and protecting yourself is wise. But I'll be honest. I am fed up with being nagged about the jacket I wear or the type of boots I buy, especially if a rider is clearly not taking the same care with all aspects of their health.

The hypocrisy is repugnant.

Like everything else in life I believe that my body is my business. If I ride without motorcycle gear, have casual sex with strangers and eat 10 Jack-In-The-Box tacos at midnight, it is my choice. It's not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, because I believe some of these riders really care. But I would hope that they are evaluating their own lives as much as they are evaluating mine.

I guarantee you the next sanctimonious nag that gives me unsolicited advice about my choices is going to have their bacon cheeseburger slapped out of their hands and get an earful from me in a show of solidarity.

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*I gathered data and worked extensively with a statistician to determine these figures. These statistics are from 2014.
Total population of Americans - 318.9 million.
Total registered motorcycles riders in the U.S. - 9,200,000.
This means 2.89% of Americans ride motorcycles.

4,295 American motorcycle riders died in a motorcycle related accidents, according to Motorcycle Industry Council.

610,000 Americans died of heart disease.
2.89% of Americans who died of heart disease averages 17,629.

In theory, approximately 17,629 American motorcycle riders died of heart disease.

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  1. This comment was left by Michael Valentine, but I accidentally hit "Delete" when I was approving the comment. Sorry Mike!
    "A very interesting set of statistics.
    I totally and wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments here!
    Here in the UK the attitude is very similar, our weather helps make sure we need pretty thorough clothing on a bike, but when the sun shines (a big occasion!) and people start wearing less, the ATGATT brigade are there, with their preachy words, their inaccurate videos and photos, often mistakenly using burns victims as examples of motorbike accidents. Like you say, they have a point, but the rest is a personal matter, just the same as how far people choose to push their bodies with their other lifestyle choice, food and drink being the main ones. Heart disease is the big killer in the UK too, I don't know the figures for motorcyclists but the average persons perception of a biker in the UK is that of a fat, boozy bloke, whether he has full leathers or a T-shirt is neither here nor there, he is unhealthy!
    I eat fairly sensibly most of the time, I drive a car, ride a bicycle and a motorbike, I dress more according to the weather and then ride/walk/drive accordingly.
    All the best.


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