March 28, 2017

Road Pickle Again

We're getting back on the road.

The difficult decision was not whether to get back on the road or to stay in San Diego, but how to best execute the plan. We took in so many suggestions, rolled ideas around for months, and finally formulated a plan.

We've purchased a 28' toy hauler from ATC to tow with Steve's 1999 GMC Sierra and we're hitting the road. These are so popular that we had to order it and we're currently waiting the 7 weeks for delivery.

We'll be rolling our motorcycles in, of course. We selected solid black exterior.

The bedroom with substantial storage around and under the queen size bed. 

The bathroom has everything we need for full time living.

Along with more storage space. 

The kitchen is small but has all of the essentials. 

Steve and I have had no experience with RVing so this will be a learning experience for the both of us. Instead of vagabonding on motorcycles and staying in hotels, we'll be taking the bikes, our Beagle and our home with us.

The motorcycles are an integral part of the traveling equation though. We both know we enjoy time to ourselves, so we intend to take turns spending time at the RV with the dog while the other takes a long ride for a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks.

We move out of our San Diego apartment on April 7 and head to Tucson for two weeks to wait for the trailer to be completed. Once we are certain of the completion date we'll drive to Nappanee, IN to take delivery. From there we're going to Bolingbrook, IL to visit the nearest Ikea. We'll stay just a couple of nights to visit friends there as well. From there we drive directly back to CA to get our motorcycles and a few things to set up house. Then, we are on our way.

You're welcome to come along with us by subscribing to our new YouTube Channel, Road Pickle.

Stick around. This should be fun!

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  1. I think you two came up with the perfect solution. Good for you.

  2. I have been RVing my whole life. It's amazing how quickly you adapt, kitchen space may be at a premium, but you learn to make it work. I have been seriously thinking of living tiny, but can't get my hub on board, maybe some day! I am sure you're going to love this!

    1. Thanks so much Dar!
      I hear from many women that their husbands don't want to get rid of their things and live on the road. It's surprising to me because I thought most men who ride would want to do it full time. I'm lucky that Steve and I want the same things.

  3. What a great team you two make! This is truly the every little kid's or person's adventure dream. Taking advantage of what this land has to offer is the American Spirit. I am as well excited for you two. Have a safe travel and we'll be waiting to hear more. Take care my friends.

    1. Thanks Pablo! Yeah, we're lucky we both want the same things in life. Certainly Steve is more keen on dumping everything we own down the trash chute and just getting on the road, but I'm doing a good job of getting it whittled down.
      I think the most American thing I've ever done is seeing America.


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