January 30, 2016

Motolady 5th Anniversary Celebration

After 5 years of Motolady inspiration, this vibrant sparkler of the women's motorcycle industry hosted her annual anniversary party for fellow riders. The party was held in Los Angeles at Lucky Wheels Garage on Saturday, January 23 and included a Women's Motorcycle Show.

I was visiting my kids in Bakersfield and was away from my motorcycle for a few days at the time of the party. Fortunately I was able to catch a ride to and from the event that was being held 2 hours away. One of my resolutions for 2016 is to simply accept gifts from others without feeling the need to pay them back, so accepting the rides without compensating my friends was a way to put that resolution into action. Or should I say inaction? Regardless, I made it to the party and I was thrilled that I did!

Alicia Elfving, The Motolady, is a blond biker bombshell who explodes onto each place she lands. When Alicia is around, everyone knows it. With her high energy and vivacious attitude, Alicia is an attractive force in the world of women's motorcycling.

Alicia made it a point to greet every guest with a hug, a few minutes and little of her signature wild energy!

Another vibrant force in this community is Jessi Combs. Jessi is not only a motorcycle rider, she is a professional driver, metal fabricator, TV personality, brand representative, public speaker, author and more. I'm always excited to see Jessi at events since she is such a positive and enthusiastic woman to be around.

Jessi Combs and me chatted awhile about our busy schedules and her recent Baja 1000 adventure.
My ride to the party was with Brittany Morrow, Icon representative and dynamic force behind Rock the Gear. My relationship with Brittany has grown over the past year and I'm blessed to have Brittany as a friend.

Brittany and Haley getting silly over Brittany's 
After picking me up in Bakersfield, Brittany and I jumped immediately into a deep conversation about social media, personal relationships, and life. Not all of the topics were serious, with a few leaving us crying in laughter like silly teenagers. It's good to have friends to be honest and authentic with.

The party atmosphere was pretty chill, yet friendly. It was good to mingle with others in the industry, even though it is apparant that we don't all share the passion of motorcycling in the same way. Many riders like customizing motorcycles for shorter rides, some riders enjoy the social aspect of the community, while others choose to spend more time riding alone and exploring new roads. Where each person finds their niche in the world of motorcycling seems to be as individual as the person themselves.

The Women's Motorcycle Show was filled with bikes owned by, wrenched on or built by women. With women still topping the charts as the Number 1 group of new motorcycle owners, OEM's and individual builders are addressing the needs and desires of these riders. The bikes in this show, however, are all very personal rides, each one being a labor of love of these riders.

What party would be complete without a raffle? Sponsors such as Icon Motorsports, Ugly Bros., Low Brow Customs, Alpine Stars, Biltwell, Inked Iron, and Hinterland tossed up some goodies for a few lucky winners.

What would a Motolady party be without a raffle?

After a night of great tunes by DeeJay Shad, drinks and dogs served up fresh, and raffle fun, the party came to a close with riders hot-dogging as they left into the quiet streets of L.A.

My favorite part of the evening, as with most of the women's motorcycling events large and small, is chatting with the ladies of two-wheels. As much as I love long range travel, for now I can't go too far because of my physical limitations. But I've found a new way to enjoy motorcycling is by sharing stories and learning from like minded women riders. I seek out more experienced riders from which to learn and then share with a mentor new riders who come my way. To give freely what has been given to me is what builds the bonds of community.

Add a little fuel to my bank account. My ebook, "Rude Biker Chick: Lessons From My Daddy" is available for purchase here. If not for you, buy a copy for a friend. The woman in your life will love you for it. Thanks!



  1. Nice account of that get together. Great to see you out and about.

  2. It sounds like you had a well deserved night out.


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