November 19, 2015

Wind Therapy - Product Review

Wind Therapy always sounds like a good thing for a motorcycle rider. Now there's a line of skin and hair products that are just as good as a day on two wheels.

Wind Therapy offers a line of beauty items that are remarkable for women who ride. Shielding Skin Conditioner is a very lightweight moisturizer meant to protect the face in extreme conditions. The Shielding Lip Conditioner is also lightweight and non-sticky and the Shielding Detangler creates a strong, protective shield around each strand of hair, keeping the hair free and healthy.

From the Wind Therapy site:

Wind Therapy’s advanced formulas blend trusted natural ingredients with performance-based shielding technologies for the face, hands and hair.

Central to each Wind Therapy product is a focus on lasting hydration science. Wind Therapy’s advanced formulas use carefully-selected natural oils with superior fatty acid profiles to benefit and provide immediate protection to all skin types. Each Wind Therapy product provides superior hydration and conditioning technology that bonds moisture and antioxidants to skin and hair for lasting benefits.

Wind Therapy incorporates beneficial botanical extracts into each product to enhance performance and provide light natural scents that diminish quickly so customers can still use their own signature scents or choose to remain fragrance-free.

Every ingredient in each product is carefully chosen as the least irritating and most advanced for shielding performance. Wind Therapy products are free of parabens, artificial colors and fragrance. Products are tested on human volunteers--never on animals.

The products all worked as well as promised and I was quite pleased with each one. Ever since I received my order, I've used the Shielding Skin Conditioner every morning with great results. My skin is softer and smoother than it has been in years. My acne is under control too. As the day wears on I notice that my skin isn't as oily as it has been in the past. For years I've struggled with combination skin and now I've found the perfect solution.

The Shielding Lip Conditioner works wonders! My lips are soft and supple, even though I've done a great deal of riding lately. Not only does the Lip Conditioner protect my lips, it stays on for hours; at least twice as long as the leading national brand of lip balm. You can barely compare the two.

I don't have hair long enough to need the Shielding Detangler, so I shared it with a friend. She was so pleased!

Today I tried it on my dry hair. As a conditioner on wet hair it worked great! It's easy to comb through and style. On dry hair it's a little heavy on my very fine hair, but if I add water to it and then apply it, it works fantastic. The scent is wonderful and I love how my hair feels at the end of the day. My comb just goes right through, even after a long day on the bike. It's a great problem all around.

Not only do I highly recommend the Wind Therapy line of products, I will be ordering more for many years to come! It's about time someone created a product line for the women who ride!

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