April 8, 2014

Guest Post: Nadine Lajoie, Motorcycle Racer

Recently I met and worked with Nadine Lajoie, a former motorcycle racer and self-made, successful woman. Initially I was attracted to Nadine because of our shared passion, motorcycling. But I found she was truly so much more ~ Success Acceleration Coach, International Speaker, Award-Winning Entrepreneur &
Best-Selling Author known as the “Champion Motorcycle Racer who Sings like an Angel”. I asked her to contribute to Sash Mouth to share her insight and story about taking her passion and turning into a career.
Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to this blog because for me, passion is really important and that is why I'm still alive and here. We all share the same passion: motorcycle riding. I guess for most of us, riding a motorcycle means freedom, calmness and peace when we in the zone. It is kind of an escape from our day-to-day problems, challenges, at work or at home. It relieves stress and I even have one friend who is a psychologist and she prescribes riding on a motorcycle to her clients who are dealing with a lot of stress... It is too bad that too many people are against motorcycles because the media just shows the negative side.

Let me share a little bit of my story, before I became a female champion motorcycle racer and also finished 3rd at Daytona against 75 men! I want to encourage anyone, especially women, who are still on the fence about buying a motorcycle. I bought my first motorcycle at the age of 31 (so, it's never too late to start!) and no dealership wanted to sell me a sport bike because I didn't even touch the ground (I'm only 5'1") and I was not able to lift the 400 pound "beast" straight up properly. I finally found a used YZF 600 online and I asked the guy to bring the bike to my home with one of his friends and to park it in the living room for the winter. The next summer, I failed my first driver's license and almost failed a second time; supposedly I was not fast enough! But I was really careful not to go over the speed limits.
With the bike in the living room, I had no place for the Christmas Tree, so I put lights all over my bike and this still brings me great memories. This was my gift to myself because I had a surgery on my knee the day after and I was not sure if I could still play volleyball at the Canadian Championship level again. I was already old and after my 5th knee injury, chances were not so good. So I had to find another passion and focus on something else.

As in life, when you are driving, you need to focus on your path, being attentive to all your surroundings, drive and anticipate all other unconscious or "motorcycle hater" car drivers around you. Your eyes need to be everywhere at the same time, on your peripheral vision, and not just focused on your next corner or next detour that life brings to you or your business.

Motorcycle Tip - Adjusting Your Chain: to make your chain last longer, adjustment is really important, so it's best to do it frequently. To find the right tension, you can put your screwdriver between your sprocket and your chain to tighten the big axel bolt. With this technique, you will avoid the back and forth between adjustments after you tighten the bolt.

Focus on your path, your goals, your motorcycle passion and use the same analogy for your life and business. I will share with you in my next article why passion saved my life. This is also why I became an international renowned leadership trainer and you can experience the ultimate breakthrough of your life at my 2-day business training events at the racetrack. You will have the opportunity to be on the back of a race bike up to 150 mph and ride in tandem with a professional motorcycle racer! Your riding skills will improve while you are having a breakthrough for your life and business.

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  1. Cool. I am always in awe of those lady riders who aren't afraid to race, unlike myself who can be quite timid on the bike sometimes when it comes to speeds.

  2. A super guest post, nice to 'meet' Nadine ... I admire the racers but I don't envy them. I like going slow and steady. I'm in it for the distance not the speed. =D


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