December 24, 2013

8 Things I Love About Bikers

Bikers are Hot.

I should begin at the beginning and my beginning begins with a man and a motorcycle. From my earliest memories my father rode a motorcycle and he always had many friends to our home who rode too. These weren't just regular guys, although at the time I thought they were like everyone else.

These men were either members or friends of members of an M.C. in Fontana, CA in the late 1960's. My father was a well respected member of this social circle and was the center of my Universe. It's safe to say I have a bad case of "Daddy Worship" within me. And Daddy was a Biker.

Fast forward 40+ years later and I find myself behind bars as well, and loving it. Coming full circle I realize this is where I belong. My attraction to the lifestyle of riding a motorcycle full time has always been so powerful. Giving into that attraction has only fueled the fires of my passion for Bikers.

Here are 8 things that drive me wild about a man who makes riding a way of life:

1. Free Spirit: A Biker finds it hard to answer to anyone but his inner voice. He only has himself to please and wastes no time being a fraud to impress others. He's honest with himself first and you can trust him to be honest with you. He doesn't need approval, he has nothing to hide, so he needn't lie about a damn thing.

2. Lives Fully: A Biker wakes up and thinks only of today; yesterday is in the rear view mirror and tomorrow is too far down the road to even think about. He lives in the moment and soak up all that life has to offer, living each day to it's fullest. Living with this kind of man will help you to stay in your own "right now" and you'll find a way to enjoy your life in a richer, deeper sense than ever before.

3. Naturally Impulsive: A Biker hears that little voice in his head and responds. He will say, "Want to go see what's up that road?" or "Have you ever been to Santa Barbara?" or "Would you like to have the World's Best Hamburger?" When he asks, he's usually looking for his jacket, boots, wallet and keys, because he's ready to go right now. If you love him and want to go along, it's best not to keep him waiting.

4. Passionate: My Daddy told me, "If you want to see a man show feelings, find out what his passions are and learn about them. They you can enjoy those things together." To love a Biker one must love to hear stories of roads, rides, beer, bad weather, good friends or the World's Best Hamburger. All such stories are told with great gusto, a twinkle in his eye and a great deal of laughter. It also helps to learn to ride, or at least, learn to love being a passenger. Either way, once you're a Biker Chick, the world becomes a more beautiful place.

5. Focused: When a Biker is riding, he is only focused on his ride. When he's holding a woman in his arms, she's the whole world to him. That's where that fire and passion become the most intense for a chick like me. This is also what keeps me coming back for more.

6. Joyful: The only real therapy a Biker needs is to ride, so to spend long hours in the saddle helps settle a man's soul. He finds real joy within himself and creates a life that makes him happy. Because he longs to be honest with himself, it takes shutting out the voices of the world to hear what his soul is really saying. Once he gets those miles behind him, he's free to enjoy his life in a deeper, richer way.

7. Deep: Like all men, a Biker has deep thoughts that he must ponder. This takes thousands of miles of roaring road noise to help him sort out. He thinks about politics, religion, money (or lack thereof), relationships, philosophy, and every other major issue with the same level of importance he gives to determining where to find the World's Best Hamburger.

8. Simple: A Biker is easy to please. Give him his wallet, jacket, boots, keys, bedroll and a tank of gas and he'll be happy for a few days. Send him out the door with instructions to go have a hamburger & beer, and he'll ride 2 days to try what he's been told is the World's Best Hamburger & Beer. When he comes back with an enormous smile and you ask him how his burger was, his response will be brief, but his joy will be immense. Because a Biker leads a pretty simple life because his needs are few and easy to meet and he understands the greatest pleasures in the smallest of things.


  1. Very well said Sash.

    We love our men on bikes don't we?

  2. You are spot on on everything :-)

  3. Wow. Coming from a guy this hit so close to home it's almost scary ;-) Do I know you? lol

  4. Hi Sash, an interesting take on how a lady feels about bikers. I came across your blog quite by accident but I see a couple of my friends are on your reading list, perhaps you'd like to have a look at my blog too. I shall read yours again.


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