November 30, 2013

The Launch of Rude Biker Chick

On a weekend in Santa Barbara in 2012, we walked into a shop that makes custom T-Shirts. I had been mulling over an idea for two shirts I wanted to make for myself. Having them both made, I found that one didn't work out well at all, but the other was a huge hit. Everywhere we went, if I wore the shirt I got laughs and smiles.

All I had hoped to do was express my independence and clearly state what I wanted from life.

"It Ain't Gonna Lick Itself" the shirt boldly declared.

Most women who read the shirt exclaimed, "I want one of those!"

After hearing this 20 times, I wondered if I should make a few. After hearing it 30 times, I knew I couldn't afford to make enough to give away to everyone who wanted one.

"I'll pay for it! Just make one for me too!" I was told over and over again.

Before I knew it, women of all ages were giving me ideas for shirts they wanted made as well. Sayings that they couldn't very well say out loud, but would gladly wear across their breasts. I wrote down every one and shared them over and over again with people I met on my travels. More sayings came in, some went away, and many stuck. I mean STUCK! Like bubble gum to your shoe in July!

These were tried and true comments that got a laugh every time. All of these comments had been spoken by women across the country who had taken enough shit in life and had something to say about it.

I wanted to put the comments right across the rack, the spot where they wouldn't be missed. My hope was for a chick to wear these words with the same confidence she wears her breasts; a part of her that makes her proud to be a women!

"I don't need permission!" a young woman shouted in a bar in Newark, DE. I don't know what she and her man were arguing about, but she grabbed her bag, declared herself, and marched out of the door.

I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt for her. I ran out of the door and asked her if I could use the saying on a T-shirt.

"Yes, but make one for me too, will ya?"

Rude Biker Chick shirts are for all women, all of the women who've had enough of someone's shit and are ready to take a stand and declare their independence, power and value. The sayings on these shirts are the battle cry of the weary wives, grumbling girlfriends, abused employees, frustrated friends and left-behind lovers who won't take it anymore. They are for the mild mannered too, who don't want to shout it out, but simply wear their words as a badge of honor. They are for women to support one another, encourage one another, and laugh together.

Power To The Chicks!

Visit Rude Biker Chick and buy your T-Shirt now.



  1. Why am I not surprised that you are out in front of encouraging women to stand up and be loud and proud? Oh, that is right you are SashMouth!!!!!

    You go Girl!! I am happy for you that you have begun to live as a person and not just a woman who can be controlled.

  2. Smart move starting your own line of t-shirts. I don't think there is really anyone else selling shirts like these that just tell it like it is.

    Years and years ago (probably over 20 years) I saw a nightgown that said "lick me like a lollipop"


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