June 7, 2013

Product Review - Nolan N90 Helmet

Motorcycle-House-Nolan-N90When I was recently contacted by Motorcycle House to do a product review I told them "I need a fricken lightweight helmet! Bad!" 

I have been struggling with neck pain and headaches since I started on our Road Pickle Tour. Motorcycle House is a company providing gear for avid motorcyclists and carries a complete line of premium and popular brands, including Viking Bags, Tour master, River Road and Answer. Providing helmets to boots, parts to luggage, Motorcycle House combines a good selection with competitive prices.

I ordered the Nolan N90 Motorcycle Helmet. I was quite pleased with the speedy shipping.

This ladies full face helmet fit me snuggly without squeezing the life out of me. It is nearly sound proof with the vents and visor closed, which makes for a more comfortable ride. The thing I like most about this helmet is lighter weight than my previous full face helmet, nearly eliminating my neck and shoulder pain after a 300 mile ride. It is also a bit smaller than my previous helmet and when stowed away, fits into smaller spaces.


The look is attractive too, without being ostentatious. While I love the flashy style of my previous helmet, the graphics and detail, I thought that I would be more comfortable with something more understated. The flat black actually hides small scratches better than a glossy finish and the fine, red trim gives it just enough color to have it's own sense of style. But in the end, I just ended up putting my own stickers on it to make it SASHtastic!!!

As I stated, once the helmet is strapped on tight it's nearly soundproof. I added speakers inside and have them hooked up to my MP3 player. They work great and I'm really alone in my helmet with my thoughts and my music. Road noise is a thing of the past.

I am currently traveling on our Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia 6-month road trip, putting in many hours of riding very long distances. Having one helmet that meets all of my needs, rain, hail or high temps and sunshine, is crucial. I am really like the weight, style and performance of this Nolan N90.

Being my Sashy Self in Golden, CO.

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  1. I'm not much of a helmet wearer but it was a great review none the less!

    And I love the half chaps with the pink cross on the knees. Freakin' awesome!


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