February 28, 2013

It Just Got Real

And so our journey begins. . .

Our apartment got leased today, so we are finally moving out. We had been riding it out, hoping it would get released to new residents so we could break our lease. This would save us a great deal of money, so we have been chewing our nails with worry lately. But this evening we got the news. We move out in 5 days.

We will be staying with family on and off for the next 6 weeks. We have a few trips scheduled for work, as well as a trip to visit my lovely daughter and her sweet fiance in Bakersfield, CA. Still having a few local commitments that we intend to keep, we have been doing our best to stick to our launch date of April 15, 2013. This has always been just a number, until now.

Essentially, in 5 days, we're really homeless. We begin the vagabond lifestyle, moving as transients between this location and that, shuffling, shifting and switching "stations". The only two things that change on April 15th are the lack of a calendar full of commitments and staying local to San Diego, CA. We are free to roam, without a schedule, for 6 months, or perhaps longer.

I find myself overwhelmed with emotions, really unable to put my finger on any of them. Perhaps tomorrow it will sink in, or after everything is packed and we're moved out. . .

We have 5 days to focus, decide what to pack and what to keep. Complicating matters is the fact that I've taken on a new client and I will be required to attend a handful of 4-day conferences over the summer. I'll be packing a suitcase of "work attire" and have it ready to be shipped to meet me at each conference location. I'm also in the process of hiring an assistant with our company to free me up to take on this new challenge. It is all manageable, but getting everything in order before we leave is the hardest part.

For a Mom who drove the school carpool, sold Girl Scout cookies, face painted at the school carnival, wore modest church-lady clothing, and took pride in my orderly, tidy home, this is one helluva departure. I think about who I was just 3 short years ago and I can hardly believe the incredible growth I've made!

I hope you'll follow us as we travel near and far on our website Road Pickle, where the wind blows us, and wish us well. Let us know when we blow your way so we can meet you at your favorite road and ride some miles together, seeing your part of the world with you as our local guide. This trip I've long since dreamed about seemed so distant for so many months. And now suddenly, it just got real.

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  1. Sash:

    everything is working out, pieces falling into place, loose ends being attended to.

    can't wait to see where you end up

    Riding the Wet Coast


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