September 12, 2012

Finally Going Places

When I met him, I told Highway of the many places I wanted to go. All of the things I wanted to see seemed a million miles away, as I had been tied down for so, so long. I had little hope that he would deliver, as all of the men in my life seemed to make big promises, while none had ever followed through.

Being married for 15 years to my ex-pussy, I was miserable. When we met, on our second date, I spoke to him of places I wanted to travel. I remember distinctly discussing Seattle and the Grand Canyon. Later in our relationship, after mentioning this again, he promised we would go one day, perhaps on a family vacation. He had a son, age 7 and I had a daughter, age 6. With the children becoming fast friends, the family unit seemed to seal itself without any effort on my part. Who was I to put my desires before that of this sudden family unit? As the years passed, 15 long years, we never traveled anywhere, ever. No family vacations, unless you count 3 days one summer in Laughlin, NV with two bickering preteens. Some vacation.

The ex-pussy was a "Promiser". He told me what I wanted to hear, always dangling the carrot just out of my reach. He did this to manipulate me, to train me, to squeeze every last bit of hope out of me until I had no fight left. It took me far too long to realize those promises would never be fulfilled. Excuses seemed plentiful, while reasons to fulfill my dreams seemed sparse. Who was I to want for anything? On the family totem pole, I was at the bottom, buried deep, deep in the land.

When his son had long stopped coming to visit and my daughter had been out of the home for two years, I woke up one day and realized that everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. Furious with myself for being fooled, it took all I had in me to admit I'd been duped and realize escape was imperative.

And escape is just what I did.

Then came Highway. Within weeks of beginning of our love affair, we began seeing the world. It began close to home, spread to outlying states, and eventually cross country to the East, and out into the Pacific to the West. In one year we had seen Manhattan, Santa Fe, Sedona, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix, Waikiki, Seattle, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. We wasted no time, learned how to travel together well, and realized we both had an insatiable thirst to see more.

Highway is a "Deliverer". If he says it will happen, it does, and quickly. Why wait to fulfill my desires? He wants to see me happy now, today. He's not interested in manipulating my behavior with promises of future rewards. And I feel the same way for him. Nothing brings me more joy than his laughter; nothing. We've grown to appreciate the wonderful feeling of seeing each other happy, and knowing we help each other fulfill our dreams.

Traveling is our dream. Not just his, not just mine, but ours.

Motorcycling is the only way to do it for us. Motorcycling together has become a dream come true, for us both. In every way, Highway delivers all that I've ever wanted, hoped for, dreamed of. Who am I to want, hope, and dream?

I'm Sash, goddammit. And I deserve to be happy.

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  1. Sash:

    I'm glad that you have finally found your "life partner". Doing things together and sharing what you like to do

    many miles of happiness to come, I am sure . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast
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