August 22, 2012

2,800 Miles to Go

Tuesday, August 28, will be my break-in ride. I'll be donning my gear and mounting the backseat to adventure 10-days, 2,800 miles with my husband, Highway, from San Diego to Seattle. Up until now, my longest ride was 2-days and approximately 800 miles. This will put those weekend jaunts into another category in my motorcycling past. I'll be able to turn my nose up to those rides and spiff, "Oh, that was nothing!" with a chuckle.

Highway, has traveled thousands of miles, riding from Menifee, California to Fairbanks, Alaska on one such trip. Over one month, he saw bears, glaciers, slept on the side of the road in a tiny tent, ate elk burgers, drank beer in filthy pubs located in STD ridden, forgotten towns, and loved every minute of it. The photos and the stories he's shared from that trip have intrigued me, bringing the adventurer out in me. I'm determined to learn to ride (better) and buy my own bike (soon). Once I've done both of these things, we will head out on a ride of our own, of epic proportions.

But first, I have 2,800 miles, 10-days, 6 cities, and countless hours of thinking, riding, learning and breathing to go. I'm ready to go right now!

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